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Undergraduate Programs

The Chemistry program offers:

  • A comprehensive chemistry degree that prepares its students for graduate studies in chemistry and related fields including professional studies in medicine, dentistry, forensics, and veterinary medicine.
  • Preparation to begin employment directly after graduation in industrial, pharmaceutical, polymer, environmental, and government laboratories.
  • Very small class sizes and plenty of opportunity to interact with the faculty.
  • State-of-the-art instrumentation comparable to what is found in graduate schools and industrial laboratories.

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The Physics major at Longwood offers:

  • Fundamental training in several areas of physics so that graduates may pursue graduate study or careers in research, industry, teaching, or engineering.
  • Very small class sizes and plenty of opportunity to interact with the faculty.

Those who wish to major in physics may choose from the following options:

  • Traditional physics major for students interested in preparation for graduate work or careers in research, industry, or teaching.
  • Biophysics concentration for students interested in preparation for medical school or graduate work in biophysics.
  • Pre-engineering for students interested in cooperative engineering programs.

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MBA Advantage Program

Are you an artist looking to run your own gallery? Or a chemist with dreams of managing a pharmaceutical company?  Or perhaps an engineer wanting to run your own business?  If one of these scenarios describes you, then the MBAdvantage Program is for you!  This dual-degree program makes it possible for a chemistry or physics student to earn both the Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry or Physics and the Master’s Degree in Business Administration in about five years of study.  Students in the program will use some of their elective credit hours during the junior and senior year to take relevant undergraduate business courses to prepare for the MBA program.  This agreement has been developed in the firm belief that it provides a valuable educational opportunity for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia using the existing facilities and resources of Longwood University.

"The MBAdvantage program is great because it allows chemistry majors to diversify their knowledge, skill-sets, and résumés. The program is a unique opportunity to succeed in a different academic environment while building upon one's previous experiences, before entering into the real world."

Kameron Carter - BS in Chemistry (2011) - MBA (2012)