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University of Virginia

Cooperative Academic Program: University of Virginia

Students transferring to the University of Virginia and successfully completing the curriculum will earn a B.S. in physics from Longwood University and will position themselves for graduate studies in engineering. For detailed information regarding the program, please refer to the cooperative agreement below.

What engineering disciplines are available?
Click on the discipline to view a link to the University of Virginia website for course requirements in each program or visit the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science website.

What are the requirements for admission into the cooperative program at the University of Virginia?

  • Complete at least 60 credit hours of study toward the B.S. degree in physics at Longwood University. (Although students may apply to the program after completing 60 credit hours, most students will not have the Longwood degree requirements until the completion of the the third year of study or approximately 90 credit hours.)
  • Demonstrate a strong university academic record (i.e. a "B" average or higher, both in mathematics and science courses and overall)
  • Approval of the chair of the department of chemistry in physics

What additional courses are required before transfer?

It is highly recommended that all students take Longwood courses Math 280 (Linear Algebra) and CMSC 160 (Introduction to Algorithmic Design I) before transfer.