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Spring Weekend/Oktoberfest

Spring Weekend/Oktoberfest are long-standing traditions at Longwood. They are campus wide events in which most clubs, organizations, fraternities, and sororities participate. They begin on a Friday afternoon with a campus-wide cookout and the Battle of the Bands competition. On Saturday, participating organizations set up booths where other students can play games, purchase food/drinks, play video games, or buy hand-made products. Both of these events give clubs and organizations a chance to showcase themselves, fundraise, and recruit new members.

The Chemistry Club decided to showcase the "Chemistry of Beer-Making" at both events. With the help of the chemistry faculty, in particular Dr. Keith Rider, we brewed a batch of pale ale (Avogadro's Ale), bottled it, and got permission to hand out samples during Spring Weekend and Oktoberfest. We made a poster outlining the steps and chemistry involved in the process. We also brewed a batch of dark ale (X23) at our booth. Students of appropriate age had to visit our booth and hear about the process in order to receive a ticket for a free sample of Avogadro's Ale or X23.