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Machine Shop

Machine Shop Serving the Natural Science Departments

Major equipment

  • Nardini lathe - for turning metal or plastic objects up to 14" in diameter or 36" long with a precision of 0.0005"
  • Microcut vertical mill - for cutting metal or plastic objects up to 50" long, 18" tall and 24" wide with a precision of 0.0005"

Minor equipment

  • Sheet metal brake - for cutting and bending sheet metal up to 0.040" thick
  • Hydraulic press - for squashing things
  • Horizontal band saw - for heavy duty cutting in metal
  • Vertical band saw - for light duty cutting in wood and soft metal
  • Drill press - for drilling holes in wood, metal or plastic
  • Belt/disk sander - for shaping wood, metal or plastic
  • Millermatic 180 welder - for MIG (GMAW) welding metal up to ½" thick
  • Propane/Oxygen torch - for brazing, soldering, and glassblowing
  • 50 Amp arc welder - for welding metal up to ¼" thick, brazing and silver soldering

Small tools

  • Bench grinder - primarily for sharpening lathe tools
  • Buffing wheel, belt sander, circular saw, power drill, saber saw, rivet gun, vacuum cleaner, bench vise, tap and die sets, measuring tools
  • If you find that tools are missing or broken, let the shop supervisor know.
  • If you are not 100% certain that you know how to use a tool, let the machine shop supervisor help you figure it out.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Connect the shop-vac to the band saw or belt/disk sander before you use them, especially if you are working with wood.
  • The scrap bins are on the floor near the bandsaw and on the bottom shelf next to the lathe; take what you need, return what you don't.
  • Students may not work in the shop alone.

Internet Resources

There are many useful Internet resources for machinists, glassblowers, and welders. Click here for a few to get you started.

Nardini Lathe


Machine Shop Supervisor:

Chemistry 467 -- Scientific Instrumentation Design and Construction is a one credit elective course that covers all of the equipment and techniques available in the machine shop.

The US Army used to publish a machine tool training textbook. Below is a copy in the form of PDF documents.