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Sputter Deposition ChamberSputtering System

RF/DC sputtering source w/ 500 W DC generator, high vacuum system w/ gas handling. We will soon be adding a radio frequency (RF) power supply for sputtering of semiconducting materials. The chamber is designed to be expandable, and we anticipate adding a thermal evaporation source in the near future.

Atomic Force Microscope

Site-built AFM with RHK electronics. Capability for contact mode, dynamic mode, and we are currently in the process of upgrading for CAFM capability. The entire system can be located inside of our glovebox, resulting in well-controlled environments.

AC/DC Electrodeposition Station

Flat electrochemical cells w/ platinum mesh electrodes for anodization of and electrodeposition on alumina films.

Early proto-type of the electronics for Scanning Tunneling MicroscopeSTM electronicsScanning Tunneling Microscope

We have a commercial nanoSurf EasyScan STM. However, we also have a site-built analog STM, built by one of our students as a research project. The tangled mess shown to the right is an early proto-type of the electronics. Learn more about this project on the following STM blog.

Source-measure units

Keithley 2400 source-measure unit for large-scale electrical characterization of films and nanowires. We also have several LabVIEW current and voltage DAQ modules.