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2022 Public Perception Survey: Plastic Pollution. Virginia's Voters Support Action

September 2022. 8 pages. Free download.

Virginia voters are concerned about plastic getting into our rivers, bays and ocean, and they support action to decrease littered plastic bags, bottles, cups, food containers and other plastic items according to a new statewide survey by the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program (CZM), Clean Virginia Waterways of Longwood University (CVW), and OpinionWorks.

The survey explored the perceptions and attitudes of Virginia’s voters about several problems, and measured voters’ support for policies that have been adopted in other states:
• Deposits on beverage bottles and cans
• Requirements to decrease plastic packaging
• Shifting the costs of recycling from taxpayers to the producers of the plastic waste
• Laws to reduce the use of polystyrene, plastic bags, and other commonly littered items.

This survey reveals that Virginia voters are deeply concerned about plastic pollution, and are ready to support policies to decrease plastic pollution, especially the plastic that ends up in the ocean. Data from this survey will assist in crafting successful behavior change campaigns as well as public policies.


Data from Litter Cleanups: Leading to Solutions. A CVW Marine Litter Report.

Sept 2022. 4 pages. Free download.

There are many questions about where litter comes from, how it travels through watersheds,
and where it ends up. Data can help us understand what the most abundant sources
of litter are in your local community, in Virginia, in the United States, and in the entire world. With data, we can prioritize prevention strategies and shape future actions.

Read about WHY and HOW we collect data during our statewide cleanup events, and how you can contribute!


Virginia Plastic Pollution Prevention Network
Clean Virginia Waterways was one of the founding partners in this statewide network that started in 2021. The mission of the Virginia Plastic Pollution Prevention Network (VPPPN) is to promote and facilitate coordination, collaboration, and communication among groups working to reduce plastic pollution throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Members of the VPPPN are organizations that are working on issues related to plastic pollution including non-profits, educational facilities, businesses, trade industries, researchers and governmental agencies. Learn more on how you can get involved. FREE TO JOIN! The VPPPN is on Facebook too!

This international partnership is focused on encouraging alternatives to balloon release to celebrate, remember and honor the important people and moments in our lives.  The website was launched by the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program (at DEQ) and Clean Virginia Waterways (of Longwood University) in 2018, and redesigned in 2020. Please visit PreventBalloonLitter.org and its Facebook page too.    

Joyful Send-Off
This program promotes litter-free weddings and other celebrations. To discourage the mass release of balloons and reduce balloon litter, we are proud partners with the Joyful Send-off campaign.  Check out fun, picture-perfect ways to celebrate at www.JoyfulSendoff.org.

Viginia Waterways Cleanups: Plan now for our September and October statewide cleanup events!
This annual cleanup of trash and litter in our rivers and on our beaches is part of the International Coastal Cleanup. If you would like to be a LEADER of a cleanup, please signup to be a Site Captain by contacting CVW at cleanva@longwood.edu or calling us at 434-395-2602. Learn more about this statewide hands-on stewardship event.