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Philip Morris Adds Litter Message on Cigarette Packs

November 20, 2003:

Clean Virginia Waterways recently learned that Philip Morris USA will start putting a litter prevention message on all their packs of cigarettes. Some brands will have the "Please Don't Litter" message printed on their packs starting this month. The message, which is accompanied by an image of a cigarette over an ashtray, will start to appear on other Philip Morris brands over the course of a year.

In addition, direct-mail pieces that include a litter-prevention message and portable ashtray are being sent by Philip Morris USA to adult smokers.

Clean Virginia Waterways applauds Philip Morris USA for taking these important steps to educate their customers, and encourages other tobacco manufacturers to take similar responsible actions.

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Click here to read an article that was published in the August 2000 issue of the American Littoral Society journal, The Underwater Naturalist. This article, by CVW's Executive Director Kathleen M. Register, includes background data, such as the fact that 2.1 billion pounds of cigarette filters were discarded worldwide in 1998, along with results of her research showing that leached chemicals from cigarette filters are deadly to the water flea Daphnia magna, a small crustacean at the lower end of, but important to the aquatic food chain.


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