Media Advisory -- Virginia Waterways Cleanup Day
Part of the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC)

Goal (worldwide):

The ICC is sponsored globally by Ocean Conservancy. The ICC is the largest volunteer marine pollution cleanup effort in the world. The event heightens public awareness about the vast problem of marine and aquatic debris, but more important, it unites citizens from across the United States and many other nations in an effort to reduce pollution in their communities.


Goal (in Virginia):

The ICC in Virginia (organized by Clean Virginia Waterways) is a statewide effort to clean our rivers, steams and beaches of litter and debris, while also collecting valuable data about the quantity and types of litter found. More than 5700 Virginians are expected to participate in 2010, collecting more than 100 tons of litter. In Virginia, this annual event is also known as the "Virginia Waterways Cleanup"


Cleanup Sites:

There are more than 180 ICC cleanup sites throughout Virginia—most of which are open to the public. Go to for a list of ICC sites in Virginia.


Why ICC events are held inland, as well as on the coast:

60% to 80% of the litter and debris we find on our beaches is from inland sources (including litter on our streets that ends up going into a stormdrain). Using data collected by volunteers, CVW compiles an annual "Top Ten List" of the most frequently found items. Cigarette butts and fast food and convenience food items (wrappers, bottles, cans, cups, straws) are always on the list. Click here to view the Top Ten list.



Would you like an interview? Please consider speaking with your local "Site Captain," or with the ICC coordinator for Virginia: Katie Register, Executive Director, Clean Virginia Waterways (434-395-2602).


Press Kit:

Click here to download a press kit from Ocean Conservancy with information about animal entanglements, the dangers of marine debris, facts, data, and peculiar items found on our beaches last year.


For more information about the ICC in Virginia, contact: Kathleen M. Register, Executive Director
Clean Virginia Waterways
Longwood University
Farmville, VA 23909
Phone: 434-395-2602 Email:

Also, learn about the litter and debris our volunteers found last year in our waterways:

The Top Ten lists from previous ICC events in Virginia

Other data collected by ICC volunteers in Virginia

Unusual items we have found in Virginia's waterways

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