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Equipment, Speakers and Locations



Data about water quality can be collected with many different monitoring kits. If you already have water quality monitoring kits or probes, then you can use them, collect data, and then report data on the World Water Monitoring Day web site.


A special WWMD test kit is also available for purchase. It includes everything you need to conduct up to 50 rounds of testing for temperature, pH, turbidity and dissolved oxygen including:
• 1 Instruction booklet (English/Spanish)
• 1 Sample collection jar
• 1 pH test tube
• 1 Dissolved oxygen vial
• 1 Secchi disk decal
• 2 Temperature strips (14-40°C and 0-12°C)
• 50 pH reagent tablets (enough for 50 tests)
• 100 Dissolved oxygen reagent tablets (enough for 50 tests)
• 1 Color chart for determining DO, pH and turbidity test results
• 1 Mini pencil
• 1 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


To Order the WWMD Kit
Call LaMotte Company, 1-800-344-3100. Press 1 to speak to Customer Service. Request an order for code 8132.


$13.00 + $7.50 for shipping and handling per kit. If you order 10 or more kits, the shipping and handling is $1.50 per kit. (Price current as of 2010 for U.S. addresses.)


Test Kit Tips
• 5-10 people per kit is a good rule of thumb. Larger groups can rotate between stations focused on a specific parameter.
• Young children should have adult supervision when monitoring.
• Wear gloves or wash hands after handling the reagent tablets.

Speakers & Field Trip Guides
There are many knowledgeable people in Virginia you could invite to assist at your Water Monitoring Day event! Employees of the following agencies are a great place to start:
• VA Department of Conservation and Recreation (includes State Parks)
• Your Local Soil and Water Conservation District
• VA Department of Environmental Quality
• VA Department of Forestry
• VA Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

Contact your local Soil and Water Conservation District to learn if there are local chapters of Master Gardeners or Master Naturalists. Some of these trained people might be able to assist you.


It is important that the location for your Water Monitoring Day event be convenient and safe – and it must have some water too! Many parks in Virginia have streams, rivers, ponds or lakes that would be suitable for water monitoring. Parks also have parking facilities, and usually have restrooms that are important to a successful Water Monitoring Day event. To find out what state park is nearest to you, call the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation at 1-800-933-PARK, email at resvs@dcr.virginia.gov or visit their website at www.virginiastateparks.gov.