You want to volunteer? Great! But before you get started it's important that you have an understanding of what you are getting into.

Know Your Schedule

Volunteering takes time, dedication, and commitment. So start by getting an idea of times you or your organization are available to volunteer. Determine if you or your organization are going to commit to serving on a regular basis (weekly) or on a one-time basis (special projects). Please note that many agencies prefer you come on a regular basis.

Do Some Research

What are you or your organization interested in doing? Is there anything you know that you don't want to do? Once you have a feel for the kind of service you'd like to do it will be easier to pick a project.

Identify Opportunities

  • Attend the Volunteer/Involvement Fair (to meet with agency representatives who are interested in working with Longwood students).
  • Check out the most up-to-date volunteer and service-learning opportunities by checking our service opportunities.
  • Request to be placed on an email distribution list by emailing so you will receive the most up to date opportunities via email.
  • Research what type of agencies or organizations you may be interested in by browsing our Agency Directory.
  • If you have difficulty finding something, make an appointment to meet with the Leadership and Service Learning Office by calling x2685 if you need assistance finding a project that suites you or your organization's needs and interests.

Make a Connection

Contact the top two (or more) agencies you or members of your organization are interested in working with and let them know you are considering serving there. Ask questions. (What exactly will I be asked to do? Who will I report to? Will I have direct contact with clients? Do you have enough work for the number of people that will be joining me? etc.)

Make a Decision

Decide which service site(s) best suit you and/or your organization's interest(s)/schedule(s) based on your findings. Be sure to let the agency(ies) that you decided not to work with know so they are not expecting you.

Be Prepared

Once you have decided on a site, arrange a time to meet with the Agency Site Supervisor. Attend any trainings/orientations and complete any paper work the agency requires of its volunteers. Complete the Service-Learning Agreement and Experiential Learning Letter of Understanding with your Agency Site Supervisor and return to the appropriate individuals. Upon each visit, you are responsible for maintaining hours you are serving on a Log Sheet.


We encourage you to reflect on your experiences. Time spent in Reflection counts toward service hours because doing is equally as important as reflecting! If you would like to schedule a reflection session, please call x2930 and a staff member will provide you with the materials you will need to facilitate one on your own. Staff are also available to facilitate a reflection session for your organization.


Take a few moments to evaluate your experience in order that we may improve the program.

Share Your Experience

We would love for you to share your pictures, success stories, quotes, etc.! Email Jordan Bynum if you'd like to share your experience!

Log Your Hours

Would you like to have an individual log of your volunteer hours? Join our page on Lancer Link.

Heres how:

  1. Create an Account on Lancer Link.
  2. Search "Leadership and Service Learning"
  3. Join Leadership and Service Learning.
  4. Report Service Hours.