For the Graduate


All Undergraduate degree candidates will need to report to Willett Hall with their academic regalia by 8 a.m. to line up.

Before the Ceremony

Graduation Requirements

If you have questions or concerns about your graduation requirements contact the Registrar, 395-2580.

Accessibility Needs 

These accommodations are available for the Undergraduate ceremony:

    • Accessible Parking
    • Accessible Seating
    • Interpreting Services    

Visit the Commencement Accessibility Information page for information.


If you believe your name is hard to pronounce please contact Dr. Chris Swanson ( or call 395-2496.

Please leave the following information when you leave a message:

  • Your college - College of Arts and Sciences
  • Your degree - Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Your name (two times) - Shiletia Garavito...Shiletia Garavito

Professional Photography

During Commencement, professional photographers from Grad Images take pictures of each graduate during the ceremony. 

Graduates and their families are invited to pre-register their contact information prior to Commencement.

Proofs will be available within 3 days after graduation at


Graduates do not rehearse. 

Graduates that are part of the platform party will rehearse.  

The Ceremony


All undergraduate degree candidates report to Willett Hall Gymnasium by 8 a.m.

Faculty and Junior Marshals will assist you with lining up.

Teaching License Graduates

If you are pursuing a teaching license, you do not necessarily line up in the College of Education; the majority line up with the College of Arts and Sciences, based on their major. Physical Education majors do line up with the College of Education and Human Services.


Graduation is a formal academic ceremony and a special day for the graduates and their guests. Please respect this occasion and all who worked so hard to get here by remaining seated and quiet during the ceremony.

Also, we ask that you please show respect for your fellow students and plan to stay for the entire ceremony.

Prohibited Items:

  • Alcohol 
  • Air horns
  • Beach balls
  • Bubbles
  • Other Distractions

Cell Phones and Mobile Devices

All cell phones and mobile devices should be turned to silent. 


All degree candidates must wear appropriate attire for the Commencement ceremony, which includes an academic cap and gown, hood and dark shoes.  Members of the Alumni Office will be there to assist you with your Gown, Hood and Mortarboard.


Your gown is worn with the zipper in front.

Wear dark shoes with dark trousers or a skirt no longer than your gown.


The hood is worn with the velvet stripe showing in the front, draping over the shoulders to your back, and rolling over to expose the colors.

Safety pins will help secure your hood to your gown.

Don't wear bright colors on top that will detract from your hood.

The color of velvet hood stripe by degree:

  • Bachelor of Arts - White 
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts - Brown 
  • Bachelor of Music - Pink 
  • Bachelor of Science - Goldenrod 
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Drab 
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Apricot


The mortarboard should be worn so that the point marked "Front of Cap" is down on your forehead. This allows the mortarboard to sit flat on the top of your head

Bobby pins will help secure the mortarboard to your head.


The tassel is worn on the right before you graduate and turned to the left during the ceremony.


The Longwood diploma is 13 1/4" width by 18 1/2" length.  It will be mailed to the address you provided approx. 4-6 weeks after your graduation date.

Invited Guests

In keeping with tradition, Commencement is held outside on Wheeler Mall, rain or shine. Graduates may invite as many guests as they wish.


Only registered service animals are permitted. With the number of visitors on campus, we do not allow pets.

Rain Procedures

Longwood does not have an indoor facility large enough to accommodate our graduates and guests.  The rain plan will be put in place in the event of extreme weather events only and will be announced by 6 a.m. on the day of commencement at the latest.

Rain and Extreme Weather Conditions Plan

Longwood uses the GreenWeaver line of regalia -- graduation caps and gowns made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.