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Legislative Issues

Longwood University Governmental Affairs

Ruffner Hall

The Longwood University Governmental Affairs web site is dedicated to keeping you informed and will provide you with information on key issues in the Virginia legislature, as well as certain Federal issues, that affect Longwood.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Emily O'Brion at 804-317-6766 or obrionef@longwood.edu.


Current Legislative Issues

Legislative Update
April 2013

Longwood University is unique among Virginia’s public colleges and universities.  Its mission is dedicated to the development of citizen leaders who are prepared to make positive contributions to the common good of society.  Citizen leadership is an integral part of the University from the classrooms to the residence halls. With over 120 student organizations, students have numerous leadership opportunities. Longwood's Fall 2012 enrollment is 4,873, with 96 percent of the students coming from Virginia. The University is a residential campus with over 70 percent of our students living in University managed housing.

Longwood is not without its challenges, however. The University is located in a rural area of the state without interstate access, or even easy access, particularly from Northern Virginia. Our small size means that we do not have the economies of scale that many other institutions enjoy. We are proud to educate Virginians– and we do with 96 percent of our students coming from the Commonwealth – but, there is an economic downfall that occurs from the loss of revenue that out-of-state students bring. Our small size, coupled with our high in-state enrollment, limits the University’s capacity to open new programs and undertake other initiatives. Longwood continues to be below 100 percent of funding guidelines in its base adequacy/cost of education funding by $1.5 million - for Longwood those are desperately needed funds and was our top priority request for 2013. The University did receive some additional base adequacy funding, but still remains below 100 percent of funding guidelines.


The budget approved by the General Assembly and signed by the Governor provides Longwood University with an additional $192,426 in base adequacy funding and $174,797 for undergraduate need-based financial aid.  Additionally, the budget contained funds to replace the Governor’s reduction to higher education that would have removed "turnover and vacancy savings" from the University’s budget.

Funding for the construction of the Student Success Center is included in a $936,000,000 bond approved by the General Assembly for capital projects across the Commonwealth (not just higher education).  Additionally, the University has been given authority to proceed with planning for a new admissions office and a new academic building, which will include flexible classroom space, lab space for undergraduate student research, and faculty offices. We are extremely pleased that authority gets these projects into the pipeline for the next round of construction funding.  

The Budget for 2012-2014, passed last year contained a two percent salary increase for all full-time employees for this fiscal year.  The Conference Budget provides an additional one percent, bringing the total to three percent, for faculty and administrative professionals. For classified employees, in addition to the two percent increase, employees who have been employed between 5 and 30 years will a raise of $65 per year, or a maximum of $1,950. These additional funds are being given to classified employees to address salary compression issues, where wages for longtime employees lag those of new hires.  The pay raise and salary adjustments will be effective July 25, 2013.

A total of 2562 legislative bills were introduced this year, with over 100 involving higher education. Over half of those bills were not passed by the General Assembly.

There are several primary pieces of legislation passed involving the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia (SCHEV) and governing boards.  HB 195 requires that SCHEV add specific topics to be covered during educational programs for governing boards; requires boards to adopt by-laws incorporating the applicable sections of the Freedom of Information Act regarding meetings; evaluate the president ‘s performance annually; designate the executive committee to organize the working processes of the board and recommend best practices for board governance and, annually deliver an executive summary of its interim activities to the General Assembly and Governor.

HB 2311 increases the number of State Council of Higher Education members from 11 to 13, to include a president of a Virginia public institution of higher education; a sitting Virginia school superintendent, and the President of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, who will serve as an ex officio member with voting privileges.  The legislation also states that the Council will lead state-level strategic planning and policy development and implementation based on research and analysis; shall also seek to facilitate collaboration among institutions of higher education that will enhance quality and create operational efficiencies; and, shall work with institutions of higher education and their boards on board development.  Additionally, the legislation requires that at each meeting, the Council involve the presidents of the public institutions of higher education in its agenda, and the presidents will present information and comment on issues of common interest. The presidents shall choose presenters to the Council from among themselves who reflect the diversity of the institutions. At each meeting, the Council may involve other groups, including the presidents of private, nonprofit institutions of higher education in its agenda.


Keep up with higher education in Virginia:  http://growbydegrees.org/

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Emily O'Brion at 804-317-6766 or obrionef@longwood.edu.



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