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Organizational Communication & PR

Organizational Communication & Public Relations Concentration

Are you destined to become a PR guru?

Would you make a great event planner?

Think you'd make an excellent negotiator, corporate trainer or public spokesperson?

If any of these careers sound interesting to you, then consider our Concentration in Organizational Communication and Public Relations.

In conjunction with the core curriculum in Communication Studies, the Organizational Communication and Public Relations Concentration is designed to cultivate in students an understanding of the processes through which human beings organize themselves to accomplish goals. To this end, students explore ways in which organizations communicate with internal and external publics, and the ways in which organizations are enacted at the interpersonal communication level.

Students pursuing the Organizational Communication and Public Relations Concentration may choose to enter careers such as Public Relations, Event Planning, Human Resources, Crisis Communication or Strategic Consulting.


Communication Studies Core Classes

  • COMM 101 Public Speaking
  • COMM 200 Introduction to Communication Studies
  • COMM 210 Media & Society
  • COMM 310 Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 460 Communication Research Methods & Prospectus
  • COMM 461 Senior Seminar
  • COMM 492 Communication Internship

Classes Required for Organizational Communication and Public Relations Concentration

  • COMM 280 Fundamentals of Public Relations
  • COMM 350 Persuasion Theory
  • COMM 362 Organizational Communication
  • COMM 364 Applied Organizational Communication
  • COMM 366 Conflict Resolution
  • COMM 420 Intercultural Communication
  • COMM 470 Gender and Communication
  • COMM 481 Crisis Communication