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Communication Studies Minor

Communication Studies Minor


Communication Studies is a great minor for any major.  Regardless of what field you enter after graduation, employers want to know that you are able to communicate effectively with others both inside and outside the workplace.  As a minor, you will learn professional and relationship communication strategies and how to communicate and plan as a member of a team. 

18 Credit hours including:
COMM 101 Public Speaking/3 credits
COMM 200 Introduction to Communication Studies/3 credits

And a selection of 12 credit hours from among the following courses:

COMM 141 Introduction to Media Writing/3 credits
COMM 210 Media & Society/3 credits
COMM 240 Digital Editing/3 credits
COMM 251 Principles of Communication Design/3 credits
COMM 280 Fundamentals of Public Relations/3 credits
COMM 310 Interpersonal Communication/3 credits
COMM 311/312 Studies Abroad/1-18 credits
COMM 320 Communication in a Diverse Society/3 credits
COMM 322 Communications Law/3 credits
COMM 325 Media Criticism/3 credits
COMM 330 Small Group Communication/3 credits
COMM 340 Visual Communication/3 credits
COMM 341 Advanced Media Writing/3 credits
COMM 345 Media Globalization/3 credits
COMM 350 Persuasion Theory/3 credits
COMM 354 Public Relations Writing/3 credits
COMM 355 Media Production/3 credits
COMM 360 Contemporary Practices in Communication/3 credits
COMM 361 Contemporary Issues in Communication/3 credits
COMM 362 Organizational Communication/3 credits
COMM 366 Conflict Resolution/3 credits
COMM 420 Intercultural Communication/3 credits
COMM 430 Public Relations Campaigns/3 credits
COMM 445 Digital Storytelling/3 credits
COMM 470 Gender & Communication/3 credits
COMM 481 Crisis Communication/3 credits
COMM 495 Special Topics in Communication Studies/3 credits