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At-Risk Training

Helping Students in Psychological Distress

Today's students face increasing economic, academic and social pressures, which can lead to emotional distress, depression, anxiety, and even thoughts of suicide. These conditions may also compromise students' academic achievements affecting their ability to stay in school. As educators, we can play an important role in ensuring these students receive the help and support they need.

To help achieve this goal, we encourage you to take a new interactive, online course where you can learn best practices in discussing your concerns with students and if necessary, referring them to campus support services.

In the course, you will engage in simulated conversations with student avatars who are fully animated and emotionally responsive, making this interactive environment a highly realistic role-play experience. Participation takes 45 minutes, and can be completed over multiple sittings (the course saves your progress along the way).

Please click the link below to open an account and take the training.

Link: http://aruf.kognito.com  
Use Enrollment key: long33

If you experience any technical difficulties, please email support@kognito.com