A Message from the VP of Student Affairs and Dean of Students

July 15, 2020

Dear Lancers,

We write today with an important message about expectations, and our shared responsibility during this unusual year ahead.

First, we know there are lots of questions about what campus life will look like and how classes will work. Our Fall 2020 Covid-19 web page has been recently updated with new information, including our updated What Will Fall Look Like overview. You can find information there about topics such as classes, social distancing, face coverings, dining, testing, health care resources and more. Further detailed information will be coming to you in the weeks ahead, including an updated Student Handbook.

We are excited to have you back, and we’ve heard how excited you are to be back. We’ve been planning and preparing in great detail to return to in-person learning. Making this year work will depend on each member of our community owning their responsibilities to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19. Success for the school year will be up to all of us.

Today we’re sharing some essential principles that the Longwood community is asking of you, and all of our community members:

  • Monitor your own health, and do your part to protect others. Follow the steps and guidelines Longwood is taking across campus to encourage social distancing. If you have symptoms, or are sick (with Covid-19 or otherwise), seek medical attention and don’t go to class. There are people in our community who may have higher risks than you. Commit to habits - from hand washing to face coverings to social distancing, that will help keep you well and ensure you’re not the one to pass on the virus.

  • Wear a face covering. Face coverings will be required this fall during all classes, in between classes, and at all times in many parts of campus. They should be worn anytime on campus when you cannot maintain six feet of distance. Get used to wearing a face covering, always have one with you, and make wearing one your default.

  • Own your academic responsibilities. This is always an important part of your education. If you need to miss class because you are sick or are required to isolate, communicate with your faculty. Be assured, faculty will be there to support you with the resources for you to keep up with, or make up classwork.

  • Citizenship. The Farmville community wants Longwood to be vibrant again. Around the country, there have been stories about Covid-19 spreading among college-age students ignoring health guidelines at crowded parties and events. People are wondering whether students will really do their part for their community, and to make college work this year, by acting responsibly. Prove those who doubt your commitment to our community wrong. Wear a face covering, socially distance, and avoid crowds, especially indoors. If our community members see Longwood students acting responsibly around campus and town, it won’t just help stop the spread of the virus, it will build trust that we’ll need to make this semester successful. This is what citizen-leadership is all about - leading by example to do your individual part for the greater good.

In closing, one of the things that’s really different about Longwood is our honor code. When we each take it upon ourselves to behave honorably, trust and community follow, making Longwood more special. In the same way, if we all do our part and behave honorably in response to this pandemic, we will be able to experience what matters most about Longwood this year.

It’s in our hands, together.

Dr. Tim James Pierson, Vice President for Student Affairs
Jennifer L. Fraley, Dean of Students