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Longwood Online Technology Institute


The Longwood Online Technology Institute (LOTI) houses professional development training for faculty and staff who will be working with online students and includes a preparatory program for students who will be participating in online classes. In order to be an online or hybrid instructor for Longwood University, faculty are required to become certified in online instruction. Faculty who have completed the previous iteration of LOTI will be considered certified, but will be encouraged to take elective classes within the institute to continue to develop their online teaching skills.

LOTI Application and Instructor Worksheet

To apply for Spring 2015 LOTI online teaching certification, please complete both the application and instructor worksheet and submit to Brooke Greenbank (greenbankbl@longwood.edu) by February 16th by 5 pm. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by email on February 20th.

LOTI Application (WORD)

LOTI Instructor Worksheet (PDF)


LOTI Training 2014-2015

Online Teaching Certification will be offered 3 times per year.  Certification consists of 4 elements: Online Teaching Proficiency, Pedagogy and Course Design, Shadowing, and Course Review/Live Teaching.  LOTI elective courses to continue development in online instruction and course design will be offered multiple times each semester.

Application Cycle Deadlines:
Fall 2014: Applications due Friday, October 10th. Session begins on Monday, October 20th.

Spring 2015: Applications due February 16th. Session begins February 23rd.



LOTI Facilitator

Jenny Quarles
Director of Distance Education
Ph. 434.395.4332