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Echo360 Lecture Capture

Echo360 Lecture Capture


Echo360 for Teachers

What is it?

Personal Capture software allows you to use a computer in your office or home to record audio, video, and desktop feeds to create lecture content that can be shared securely online.

Classroom capture recording devices are installed in specific classrooms and allow faculty to record a live class session that can be stored online and viewed later by students in a password protected environment.

Why Use Lecture Capture?
Flip your classroom
Teach blended, hybrid and MOOC 
Repurpose content from year to year
Host virtual office hours
Prepare students for detail-intensive lab exercises
Reach distance students
No class cancellations, pre-record content

Learn more at Echo360 website.

Echo example picture of report

Echo sample picture of Walter


Classroom Capture Room Locations
Coyner 205
Ruffner G54
Ruffner 115
Chichester G12
Chichester 320
Hull 128
Hull 245 
Library 209B
Hiner 107


 E-mail dec@longwood.edu to request access.