Technical Support 

If technical difficulties at Longwood University should significantly affect the course, your instructor will communicate with you via the following methods as they are available:

  • An announcement on the course site on Canvas
  • An e-mail message to all students at their Longwood e-mail address, and/or
  • A telephone call

Anti-Virus Software

Students must maintain current system software and virus definition updates. The IT Help Desk can assist you with this.

When a file with a virus is detected by our University server it is deleted without the instructor or the student being notified. A link will point to a deleted file that doesn't exist. You may think that you have submitted an assignment, but the instructor has not received it. NOTE: Be sure you have the appropriate virus protection software installed.


We take precautions to prevent technical problems, but they do sometimes occur. Longwood University is not responsible for equipment or system failure/malfunctions outside of the Longwood network or due to war, natural disaster or acts of God. Students are responsible for the purchase, repair, upgrade, and performance of equipment outside of Longwood University.

Be Prepared for Technical Issues

Have a Back-Up Plan

What will you do if your computer crashes or you lose access to the Longwood Network and you can't access the course? Have a plan for situations like this.

  • Longwood University has computer labs in the library and in most buildings on campus and at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center in South Boston, VA. The labs are for student use including use by online students.
  • Maybe you have a friend or relative who has a computer or you have access to a computer at work. Will you be able to access the online course from these computers? Test them and see before a technical problem arises. In any case, having a back-up plan could save you considerable time and worry.
  • Create written assignments off-line in a word processing program and save them to your hard drive or a disk or CD before you copy and paste them into Canvas. Then, if there are technical problems you have a copy ready to use.
  • Be sure to inform the instructor if you have technical issues and seek help from the Help Desk.