Citizen Leader Society

Citizen Leader Society

Citizen leaders are the bedrock of democracy. They are the reason communities thrive. Citizen Leaders make positive contributions to the common good of society. Acknowledging that our accomplishments would not be possible without the generous support of our donors, Longwood introduced the new Citizen Leader Society in 2016.

Members of the Citizen Leader Society take the lead among Longwood’s most influential annual supporters with their generous gifts, beginning at $1,500 (*$500 for graduates of the last decade). This support provides crucial resources that change lives and is a vital part of what is being achieved at Longwood every day.

Citizen Leader Society membership is calculated based on Longwood’s fiscal year, which runs from July 1 to June 30.

Rotunda Society

Graphic for Rotunda Society

The Rotunda Society recognizes an elite group of donors that has made significant contributions to support the growth and sustainability of Longwood University. Their leadership in giving has enabled infrastructure projects, countless scholarships and program funding and contributed to our healthy endowment.

Members of the Rotunda Society are lifetime members whose cumulative gifts to the University exceed $250,000.

1839 Society

1839 Society Graphic

The 1839 Society recognizes our generous donors that have made a planned gift to Longwood to be realized beyond their lifetime. Members of this society recognize the role of philanthropy in the health of an institution and want to ensure the University’s future sustainability. These gifts leave a personal legacy at Longwood and enables future generations to benefit from their thoughtful giving.

We celebrate the members of the 1839 Society today for the impact their future gifts will have at Longwood University.

For more information or to speak to a development officer:

Call: (434) 395-2028