Lancer Line

Answering Our Call

Lancer Line is Longwood's phonathon program, an annual fundraising effort where Longwood students call alumni, parents and friends. The callers enjoy exchanging past and shared Longwood experiences, as well as where life has taken you after graduation.

Did you know that ladies would sunbathe on the roof of Blackwell? Or that Chi would have meetings in the big tree outside of the Cunninghams?

With each phone call, callers collect and update contact information, convey Longwood's latest achievements and enhancements, and ask for your much needed participation in the Longwood Fund.

The Longwood Fund is our unrestricted fund, which means the money is allocated wherever it is needed most. Unrestricted dollars help fund many projects that make a direct and immediate impact on the lives of our students.

Longwood donors have the power to make a lasting difference. Thank you for answering our call!

Lancer Line Employment

We are always looking for friendly and dedicated new student callers who love Longwood!

  • Benefits
  • Flexible shifts available that won't conflict with classes.
  • No Friday or Saturday shifts, so your weekends are free!
  • Work in a fun environment.
  • Have the opportunity to play fun games and win prizes.
  • Acquire and develop valuable communication skills.
  • Enhances your resume.

Make sure you view the Lancer Line Job Description (pdf) before you apply! After you fill out the Lancer Line Application (docx) (right click on link for save as options), either e-mail it to Katherine Bulifant, Director of Campus Philanthropy, or drop it off at Maugans Alumni Center G19.

Your Lancer Line Experience

Our mission is to provide an enjoyable calling experience for all of our alumni, friends and family. For questions, comments or concerns please e-mail Katherine Bulifant, Director of Campus Philanthropy, or call (800) 281-4677 (Ext. 3).