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Personal Care

Personal Care Assistant Resources

Home Recovery/HomeAid INC
Personal Care Services:

816 East Third Street
Farmville, VA  23901
Toll Free:  (800) 832-7144
Phone:  (434) 392-7336
Fax:  (434) 392-1970
Email:  homecare@hr-ha.com
Admissions Coordinator:  (434) 315-5241

 Important Notes:

  • Responsibility for payment of attendants is left to the individual receiving the care. In some cases, payment is covered by Vocational Rehabilitation (VR). The hourly wage for attendant care through VR is typically $9.00 per hour. Your care level will be determined by you and your VR counselor. For those who are not VR clients, you could pay an attendant less or more than the prevailing rate. VR clients are responsible for all paperwork necessary to ensure his/her attendant gets paid. When you choose an attendant, the first thing that you need to do is submit an authorization form to VR for that attendant. This will authorize that attendant to get paid by VR.  It is crucial that financial arrangements be understood both by the student and the attendant before the attendant begins to assist the student.
  • The responsibility for the hiring of an attendant, and any future attendants, is that of the student.
  • Other options include: 
    • Advertising: You might advertise in the campus paper the Rotunda or the Farmville Herald (434-392-4151).
    • Contacting Longwood University's Nursing and Therapeutic Recreation programs to seek students in those programs that may be interested in this type of work.