Students who require a reduced course-load, less than 12 credit hours, as an appropriate accommodation due to their disability, may initiate the Reduced Course Load procedure.

Please contact the Director of Disability Resources for more information.

Reduced Course Load Procedure

  • Requests for reduced course loads are submitted to the Director of Disability Resources with supporting documentation. Supporting documentation must include a diagnostic evaluation from an appropriate professional that is recent enough to evaluate the current impact of the disability.
  • The Director evaluates the documentation and the request in terms of the impact of the disability and the demands of the student's current or proposed schedule.
  • If the request is denied, the student may appeal the Director's decision through the standard accommodation grievance procedures.
  • If the request is approved, the potential consequences of the reduced course load on progress towards graduation, financial aid, billing, etc. will be explained to the student by the Director. The Director will indicate the approved reduced course load and explain that this credit load will be considered as the students minimum credit load for full time status for the semester in question and that he/she cannot drop below this without placing their full time status in jeopardy.
  • The student and the Director sign the Reduced Load Approval Form. Copies are sent to the Registrar, Financial Aid, Cashiering, Housing, the student's Dean and the student's Advisor.
  • At the agreed upon credit load the student will be considered as full time and entitled to all of the services, benefits, rights and privileges of full time status.
  • Cashiering will adjust the student's bill. For approvals dated before the end of the official drop period for the semester Longwood will prorate the students tuition based on the enrolled credit load and per credit charges if the adjustment results in a figure lower than full time tuition. Other charges (activity fees, room, board, etc.) are not affected by this accommodation.
  • Based on the billing adjustments and reduced credit load the student's financial aid will be adjusted. Within the limits of Federal financial aid regulations every effort will be made to ensure that the student does not incur additional costs.

The procedures for reduced course loads were developed in March of 1993 (and approved by the Vice Presidents of Academic, Student & Business Affairs) as an application of Longwood's general Policies And Procedures For Access approved by the Board Of Visitors, October 1993.