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"Longwood is an unbelievable venue for anything you want to do." ~Nate Epstein, '11

Browse the stories and discover the people, programs and experiences that make Longwood University an outstanding choice for higher education in Virginia.

On The Job

American Romanticism Online

Jeff EverhartJeff Everhart is using modern technology to teach others about a 19th-century movement devoted to nature and emotion.

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Vikings likely were kinder, gentler than commonly thought, says Longwood professor

Hull Education CenterDr. Larissa "Kat" Tracy examines a Viking-age stone monument on the Isle of Man.

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Dr. Craig ChallenderA Passion for Poetry

Longwood English professor and poet Craig Challender makes poetry accessible to all students.

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Longwood students journey to Yellowstone for lessons on life

Students with dogs

"Longwood at Yellowstone is focused on engaging students in meaningful issues in their communities..."

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