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CAS 2006-07

CAS International Student Services Program Standards Criteria Rating Summary

I. Executive Summary and Action Plan

Critical Note: The Office of Multicultural Affairs and International Student Services are represented in a combined organization structure. The size of Longwood University's International Student community is small by comparison to other institutions where the functions of International Student Services are a stand alone entity.

Composition of the Committee:

  • Wayne O'Brien, Director, Counseling Center and Co-Chair
  • Mary Wilson, Director International Affairs, Hampden Sydney College
  • Linda Lau, Associate Professor, College of Business and Economics/ LSEM Instructor
  • Susie Ramsey, Administrative Assistant, Office of International Student Affairs
  • Rebecca Sturgill, Director Academic Support Services
  • Tung Phan- Student, Program Assistant for International Student Services
  • Rashko Patnikov- Student, International Student, Bulgaria
  • Ke Chen (Lydia)-Student, International Student, Chinese and Student Assistant for International Student Service
  • Catherine Studevant-Student, Student Office Assistant, Office of Multicultural Affairs and International Student Services and International Buddy Program
  • Lonnie Calhoun, III, Director, Multicultural Affairs and International Student Services and Chair

The Office of Multicultural Affairs, utilizing a graduate intern and an undergraduate student assistant, generated the following evidence for the committee to evaluate.

  • Mission Statement of the Office
  • University Strategic Plans
  • Learning Plans
  • Multicultural Affairs and International Student Services Website
  • Annual RA Diversity Survey
  • Diversity Program Evaluations
  • International Student Satisfaction Surveys
  • Diversity Poster
  • Budget Documents

Additionally, the office has generated new evidence from the following sources, including students, staff, and faculty.

New Evidence to be generated:

  • Faculty Questionnaire (faculty that have taught International Students)
  • International Student Focus Group Questionnaire (exit interviews with International Students)
  • Student Health Service interview with Pam Evans, Director
  • Learning Center interview with Rebecca Sturgill, Director
  • Written Statements for the Director, Multicultural Affairs and International Student Services
  • Target questionnaire from students working with international students and American students

Overview and Findings:

The work of the committee has been invaluable in identifying both the strengths and the weaknesses of the Office of Multicultural Affairs and International Student Services. Whereas the members of the committee performed their work primarily as an individual, their efforts have produced patterns of evidence that will guide the work of the office in the future. However, with respect to an action plan, the Office and the Vice President for Student Affairs will have to agree on appropriate actions and how they fit into the institutional goals and objectives. Clearly, those actions requiring additional capital, both human and financial, will not be easy to accomplish in the current financial climate; thereby making some of the proposed actions unattainable within the next academic year.

What the evidence concluded: Overview of Findings:

The CAS Committee comprised 10 diverse members who provided an overall score of 3.47 - Well Met to the Office of Multicultural Affairs and International Student Services. As Director, I am very appreciative of the hard work of the committee and their findings.

100 percent, N=10 of the reviewers suggested, through scores, that all areas of the International Student Programs and Services components are functioning at the level of 3 =Well Met. There were no component areas that were identified, throughout the rating process, in the unsatisfactory range of 1= Not Met - 2 = Minimally Met. However, the committee, through several meetings, identified several challenges and opportunities for the office and the institution pertaining to International Student Services. During the final CAS meeting, committee members made suggestions that would, in their belief, assist the mission and learning needs of the office. Additionally, the recommendations could facilitate attention to the large concerns of institutional integration and individual success of the students.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Section Avg
Mission 3.60 3.50 3.20 3.90 4.00 2.70 3.50 3.80 3.70 3.10 3.50
Programs 3.33 3.50 3.20 3.65 NR 2.60 2.75 3.56 3.57 3.74 3.32
Leadership 3.00 3.64 3.80 3.73 3.82 2.70 3.86 4.00 3.87


Org & Mgt 3.20 4.00 3.80 3.40 3.50 2.80 2.80 3.40 3.00 3.60 3.35
Hum. Resources 3.29 3.85 3.60 3.80 3.71 2.73 3.40 3.80 3.33 3.00 3.45
Financial Resources 3.00 4.00 3.33 3.00 3.33 2.67 3.00 4.00 2.00 3.00 3.13
Fac. Tech.&Equip 4.00 3.67 3.67 3.00 3.50 2.67 4.00 4.00 2.33 3.00 3.38
Legal Resp. 3.33 3.80 3.17 3.83 3.40 2.25 3.66 4.00 3.00 3.00 3.34
Equity & Access 3.57 4.00 3.57 3.71 4.00 3.00 4.00 3.86 2.67 3.00 3.54
Campus& Ext.Relations 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.00 4.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 3.00 4.00 3.45
Diversity 3.50 3.50 4.00 4.00 4.00 2.75 3.50 4.00 4.00 3.00 3.63
Ethics 3.83 4.00 4.42 3.83 NR 2.58 3.81 4.00 4.10 3.75 3.81
Assessment & Evaluation 3.25 3.25 3.75 4.00 4.00 3.25 3.00 4.00 3.75 3.00 3.53
Individual Average 3.38 3.71 3.65 3.68 3.75 2.67 3.41 3.88 3.26 3.32 3.47

CAS Averages 2006-2007

Areas of program excellence (scores averaging 3.5 or above)

  • Part 1. MISSION
  • Part 3. LEADERSHIP
  • Part 9. EQUITY & ACCESS
  • Part 11. DIVERSITY
  • Part 12. ETHICS
CAS Standard, Proposed Action, Resources Needed Completion Date Person (s) Responsible
Develop standing Committee on International Student Services Fall 2007 Lonnie Calhoun & VPFSA*
Lobby for equity in funding and for an increase in the budget Spring 2008 Lonnie Calhoun & VPFSA
Identify additional sources of financial support Spring 2008 Lonnie Calhoun
Lobby for increases in salary to be comparable with scope of responsibilities Spring 2008 Lonnie Calhoun & VPFSA
Develop Alumni Webpage Spring 2008 Lonnie Calhoun

Clarify roles and responsibilities of the Office of International Affairs (IA) and Multicultural Affairs and International Student Services (OMA & ISS)

Spring 2008 VP/Provost and VPFSA
Directors OMA and IA

Develop educational programs/workshops related to educational opportunities beyond the undergraduate level.

Spring 2008 Lonnie Calhoun

* Vice President for Student Affairs (VPFSA)

Plan of Action and Planning Cycle

The planning cycle will begin at the end of the current financial year.

Resources needed

There are two primary resources needed to accomplish the committee's recommendations and they are financial and human (graduate assistant).

Persons responsible for each action

As Director, it is my responsibility to be the primary advocate for the proposed actions. However, the Vice President for Students Affairs is a critical link to advancing any of the actions. I will continue to work with the Vice President to develop a list of priorities that will address the components needing corrective actions. In addition, I intend to use the members of the CAS committee as an Advisory structure for the Office.


II. Executive Summary

Responses and Recommendations from Internal Stakeholders related to International Students

During the 2006-2007 academic year, 68 international students from 14 countries enrolled in undergraduate programs at Longwood University. Because these students face unique challenges as they transition from their countries of origin to a different campus life and culture, the University offers a wide range of programs and services to ensure that their experience at Longwood is both positive and productive.

A primary responsibility of the Office of Multicultural Affairs and International Student Services is to represent the best interests of international students by acting as the liaison between these students and other members of the Longwood community, including faculty, students, and staff. Therefore, a survey was conducted with internal customers (1) to determine the effectiveness of this Office as liaison; (2) to identify specific areas of concern that impact the delivery of services to international students; and, (3) to provide recommendations for improvement.

Questionnaires were developed to address the unique responsibilities of program directors and faculty members in their interactions with international students, in order to identify areas of concern that impact these roles. Questionnaires were sent to the following professionals:

  • Mr. Don Butler, Lecturer in English and ESL Instructor, Department of English and Modern Languages
  • Ms. Bee Edmunds, ESL Instructor (On-site in China)
  • Ms. Pam E. Evans, Director, Student Health and Wellness Center
  • Ms. Sally W. Gilfillan, Associate Professor of Accounting, College of Business and Economics
  • Dr. Linda K. Lau, Associate Professor of Computer Information Management Systems, College of Business and Economics, and Student Advisor for Chinese International Students
  • Ms. Abigail H. O'Connor, Lecturer of Marketing, College of Business and Economics
  • Mr. Larry Robertson, Director, Residential and Commuter Life
  • Ms. Rebecca K. Sturgill, Director, Director of Academic Support Services

After receiving the questionnaire by e-mail, each participant was interviewed. Because of time-constraints and proximity, Ms. Edmunds was not interviewed; her responses were received by e-mail.


  • All students must be able to speak, read, write, and comprehend English at a level that will enable them to compete with traditional Longwood students.
  • Faculty members must become more culturally sensitive by participating in continuing education programs and workshops that address diversity and multiculturalism in higher education. It was suggested that Dr. Pamela Tracy, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, coordinate these programs. In addition to workshops, handbooks should be available to faculty member for easy referencing.
  • A collegial group should be formed that encourages continuing dialogue and support among faculty members of international students.
  • An educational group should be established to help international students adjust to Longwood's academic setting. The group would meet two or three times at the beginning of each semester. Staff members from Academic Support Services are currently conducting a group for this purpose for international student athletes.
  • Faculty members and program directors must become more proactive in promoting multicultural programs and activities, so that a greater number of traditional students will become involved.
  • Faculty members need to adopt teaching strategies that accommodate ESL students. Mr. Butler reports, "Modifying your approach to teaching requires more time and work, but the benefit that these [international] students bring to the Longwood community is well worth the effort."
  • Students from Anhui University of Technology would benefit from informational hand-outs, as well as discussion groups that meet earlier in the school year, because the required 4-week summer session that they attend, bombards them with new information.
  • It would be helpful if the on-site ESL instructor could meet with the Director of this Office before departing for China. In addition, it would be helpful to be apprised of these students' progress during the school year, so that teaching strategies used in China can be modified, as needed.
  • It would be useful if immunization and health records could be forwarded to the Student Health and Wellness Center before students arrive, so that staff members could prepare for students who will require on-going medical management.
  • One central person or office should serve as the advisor for international students, rather than have them report to multiple offices/personnel to receive information.

Plan of Action

Findings of this survey will be forwarded to the Director of Multicultural Affairs and International Student Services for review, in collaboration with members of the CAS Self-Study Committee for International Student Programs and Services, and University offices for discussion.

Submitted by Lailah A. L. Mujahid, Graduate Student, Psychology 650, Community and College Counseling Spring 2007


III. Exit Interview Summaries with International Exchanges Students (Chinese, English, and French) Spring 2007

The exit interviews provide valuable information from the student perspective. The director will look for patterns in the comments and address the issues raised. Some of the comments related to transportation will require additional resources and cost that will be passed on to the students.

International Student Exit Questionnaire
Chinese Spring 2007

20) What information would you like to see added to the website about visiting the U.S.?

  • It's good enough now
  • The housing condition and roommate introduction
  • I hope I can see more information about the classes
  • What do rooms in different dorms look like
  • The dorm we will live
  • How American Students think international students
  • Not really
  • Food improvement
  • I hope I can know more information about weather from website
  • Weather is good
  • More details information about Longwood. What our dorm looks like, what we need to bring.
  • Introduction of course
  • Residence Hall
  • The approach to teach and study food
  • Foreign students experience, U.S. Social problems
  • What activities will have
  • Odd the picture of our Residence Hall
  • The condition/pictures about dorm and dining hall
  • More customs

21) What suggestions would you offer for improving the visit for other International Students to Longwood's campus?

  • No, hope the price can be cheaper because of the dining hall.
  • Know the curriculum and food
  • Learning more about Longwood
  • Don't need to take too many things to the U.S.
  • No
  • Bring their favorite food
  • Support the transportation
  • Go out and have fun
  • Be ready to concentrate on studying at Longwood
  • Multicultural events
  • D-hall is the worst place in LU
  • D-hall
  • Communication with the local students, Join school programs to understand America Culture.
  • Communication well with local students
  • No advice
  • I don't know
  • Information about what course they will take in their first year
  • The food in the D-hall needs to improve
  • Encourage them to attend more activities
  • Be active and don't be afraid of speaking English
  • Be brave and self control

22) Upon arrival at Longwood did you have any concerns or suggestions to improve your transition to residential living?

  • Good, but if the dorm had an air conditioner it will be better.
  • Air conditioning in the dorm,
  • I hope next year, I can get air conditioner
  • No
  • No
  • After air-condition is every hall
  • AC
  • There is no air condition in the room
  • No everything is fine and under change
  • We would like to have cheap taxi here
  • Air Conditioner
  • FAB is nice but I hope there are some taxi as cheap as China
  • I hope Longwood can lead the car for the international students
  • Air conditioner
  • Hope transition could be more universal
  • More FAB's
  • talk more with roommate
  • I think its good enough
  • The bathroom condition need improved
  • We should have air condition and improve the condition in the bathroom.

23. How would you rate the service and attention given to you by the Office of Multicultural Affairs and International Student Services?

  • Excellent   5
  • Good   16
  • Fair
  • Poor

International Student Exit Questionnaire
French and English 2007 Spring

20. What information would you like to see added to the website about visiting the US?

  • Nothing
  • Transportation
  • That Farmville is far from everything
  • More photos-expectation, picture of room
  • The Greyhound time table for the bus
  • No, it was good
  • About needing to buy bedding as soon as we land


21. What suggestions would you offer for improving the visit for other International Students to Longwood's Campus?

  • Transportation other than that it was perfect
  • A new guide of arrival, where all the basic needs are described (better than in the old one)
  • To offer more visits of Virginia
  • Talk to people night away, be open minded
  • More Trips/Activities
  • Allowing students from each country to share with each other, it they with
  • Maybe a visit of NY like we did for D.C.
  • Nothing it was good and well done
  • A meeting about laws
  • More Day trips, Less E-mails (3 times the same e-mail), Don't Put the 21 year old students in a Dry Dormitory
  • Better good
  • No, suggestion
  • More organized trips to Virginia Beach, etc.
  • More organized trips
  • Bedding to loan for stay

22. Upon arrival at Longwood did you have any concerns or suggestions to improve your transition to residential living?

  • Contact with the roommate was hard; I'm not used to living with a roommate. I notice that many of our roommates were not happy to have an International roommate. I think it is bad.
  • No, it is a smooth process
  • No, idea
  • Sharing a room-It took a while to adapt
  • No, concern
  • No
  • No, it was ok
  • No
  • No
  • No

23. How would you rate the service and attention given to you by the Office of Multicultural Affairs and International Student Services?

  • Excellent   10
  • Good   10
  • Fair   1
  • Poor


Progress made toward CAS Action Plan 2004-05

The Director believes that the CAS report of 2004-05 provided a strong rational for improvement in all areas of the office. CAS also, identified areas of program excellence and areas that required the University to make a stronger commitment to increasing both human resource support and physical space so that the office can accomplish its mission.

Consequently, the University has responded affirmatively to the reports' major concerns, the need for a full-time administrative position and for adequate space. The office continues to lobby for increases in program funding and for a salary increase that is comparable with the scope of responsibilities.

Seeking grant funding is a priority for the 2006-07 academic year and the office believes it has a programmatic area that is fundable.

The director will collaborate on the design and the learning outcomes. The office continues to seek faculty, staff, and student partners that will develop programs to increase awareness and understanding diversity.

Actions required for the programs to meet standards (in rank order)

Lobby for increases in the programming budgets

  • Identify additional sources of financial support (grants)
  • Develop a space and equipment utilization master plan for the Office
  • Lobby for more office support, an assistant and a full-time secretary, to accomplish Office's mission
  • Lobby for increases in salary to be comparable with scope of responsibilities
  • Develop strategies that tie programming goals and objectives to other campus stakeholders