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Tutor Profiles



Name: Jason Tsai
Home City/Town: Herndon, VA by way of Taipei Taiwan
Area of Study: English w/ conentration in Creative Writing
Future Plans: Continue writing and sharing poetry
Tutoring Areas: English





Name: Brandon Kelly
Home City/Town:
Area of Study: Communication
Future Plans: Aspires to be a lobbyist in the Washington, D.C. area.
Tutoring Areas: Math, Science, English





Name: Alexa Crump
Home City/Town: Mechanicsville, VA
Area of Study: Psychology
Future Plans: Attend graduate school at VCU or JMU to study Occupational Therapy
Tutoring Areas: Math, Science






Name: O'Neishea Edmonds
Home City/Town: Danville, VA
Area of Study: Business Administration / Accounting
Future Plans: Take the CPA Exam to become a Certified Public Accountant
Tutoring Areas: Science





Name: Cainan Townsend
Home City/Town: Farmville, VA
Area of Study: Elementary Education
Future Plans: Teach Kindergarten
Tutoring Areas: Math





Name: Joshua McCollum
Home City/Town: Newark, NJ
Area of Study: Kinesiology/Exercise Science
Future Plans: Graduate School to study Sports Medicine
Tutoring Areas: Science





Name: Amanda Goldchain
Home City/Town:
Area of Study:
Future Plans:
Tutoring Areas: Math, English





Name: Robin Brown
Home City/Town: Washington, D.C.
Area of Study: Political Science
Future Plans: Attend Law School and practice criminal law

Tutoring Areas: Math, English







Name: Savannah Barnett
Home City/Town: Chesapeke, VA
Area of Study: Chemistry/Biology
Future Plans: Design medications for the FDA
Tutoring Areas: Math, Science