Intolerance Of Bias Incidents At Longwood University

Longwood University seeks to foster a safe environment conducive to learning and the free exchange of ideas.  In accordance with all policies residing under the Conduct Code of Conduct Standards and Regulations and the Honor Code of Conduct Standards and Regulations, an offense motivated by bias may result in harsher sanction.

An offense motivated by bias is an offense wherein the accused intentionally selects the alleged victims because of their race, color, religion, disability, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender, age, marital status, or inclusion in any group protected by law. Approved by the Board of Visitors 12/01

Community Diversity & Individual Integrity

"Longwood believes in the development of each individual as an integral part of a vastly diverse community. Members of the Longwood community embody a sense of self-esteem, responsibility, and integrity. The result is Longwood’s tradition of care, human kindness, and common courtesy. Longwood students learn from each other by presenting and sharing ideas, opinions, and beliefs. The students of Longwood work toward the appreciation of the values of Freedom, Rights, and Responsibilities for themselves, as well as for others. They strive to face their feelings and attitudes and accept them as their own, while respecting others’ differences with dignity and integrity. Longwood considers the values of individual diversity and uniqueness to be fundamental in fostering awareness and campus unity."

- Composed by Longwood Students, Student Handbook 2013-2014