Cultural Immersion Trips (CIT) are designed to provide an experiential learning opportunity to students which exposes them to various cultural and ethnic experiences with which they might not otherwise be familiar or participate. Each CIT offers challenging learning environments and promotes understanding, open communication, and personal reflection through small group experiences. Participants will increase their cultural awareness and knowledge related to the trip themes and issues, while increasing self-awareness, self-understanding and personal responsibility. 

Intended Outcomes:

Through participation in Cultural Immersion Trips, students will:

  • increase their cultural knowledge and awareness
  • increase their understanding of one’s own identity and how it relates to others
  • be able to articulate the dynamics of oppression and privilege within that culture

Trips offered (on a rotating basis) include:

MLK Experiential Bus Trip

The MLK Bus Trip is an interactive experiential program that encourages student learning, reflection, and development with regards to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. We will explore the Civil Rights Movement and the challenges that those involved faced, and on our journey back, students will be prompted to begin to connect the new information they learned on the trip to their current Longwood experience, resulting in more civically engaged students. 

Additional trips to come!