Engaging the Noise: Developing a Leadership and Activist Mind-set

Social Justice in Action

Saturday, February 17, 2018
9 a.m. - 4 p.m., Lankford Student Union

Keynote Speaker: Joshua Fredenburg, President & Founder, Circle of Change Leadership
Keynote Address: Social Change Leadership 2.0 & The Ultimate Leadership Experience

**Free and open to all students, faculty and staff**

The theme of the 2018 summit -- Engaging the Noise: Developing a Leadership and Activist Mind-set -- focuses on how to use various leadership platforms and spheres of influence to address the many social issues affecting our society. Specifically the program will address how to become more active citizens who are able to critically engage with the systems, structures and institutions of oppression while also challenging the noisy rhetoric that has become so pervasive today.


The keynote speaker, Joshua Fredenburg, is a media commentator, leadership/diversity consultant, relationship expert and author. His presentation will provide student leaders with a solid working definition of leadership and help them identify the positive correlation between leadership, student activism and evolving into agents of positive change. In addition, he will share practical and applicable leadership strategies to enable positive impacts in communities, the nation and the world.

Workshops & Breakout Sessions

Fredenburg's presentation will be followed by a collection of workshops/breakout sessions designed to give participants the chance to learn more about themselves, engage in discussion with others on a variety of issues and create strategies for implementing social change. Participants will learn about the history of race in government and politics, the impact race has on political issues and how they can be a voice of action for positive change as citizen leaders.

About the Summit

The annual Social Justice in Action Leadership Summit provides participants with a social justice framework for campus leadership, community engagement and change activism. The event also serves to increase awareness of issues surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion. Participants are encouraged to develop an action plan that will assist them in becoming an agent of change.

Mission: In the spirit of community, the Social Justice in Action Leadership Summit will establish a foundation for individuals to explore diversity, equity, equality and inclusion. Participants will learn how to leverage their leadership platforms, and to initiate and advocate for sustainable change, both in self and society.

Objective: The Social Justice in Action Leadership Summit will achieve its mission by exposing students to the systems and structures of social imbalance as they exist within society—creating citizen leaders who understand and acknowledge their role in limiting the perpetuation of unjust and inequitable practices toward all.

Learning Outcomes

Upon concluding this institute, participants will be able to:

  • Identify specific ways to promote social justice and equality on campus and within their respective communities
  • Explain the connection between citizen leadership and social justice
  • Connect with a variety of educators who are similarly committed to equality
  • Develop a list of steps they can take to engage the student body in promoting social justice within the university community.