Student Diversity and Inclusion Council


As an organized body of student advocates and allies, the mission of the Student Diversity & Inclusion Council (SDIC) is to support the development of an inclusive culturally pluralistic campus environment, where diversity is not only tolerated, but also celebrated. 

The Objectives of the Student Diversity & Inclusion Council are:

  • To plan and execute educational and informative programs and activities intended to increase students' awareness, knowledge, and skills around the celebration of human differences.
  • To serve as an organized body of student advocates and allies committed to supporting the development of equitable and fair policies and procedures.
  • To inform the Office of Diversity & Inclusion of any campus issues reflecting cultural insensitivity and or biasness.
  • To assist student organizations with developing greater comfort and competence when working with and recruiting members from various social identities and backgrounds.

The Student Diversity & Inclusion Council (SDIC) Five Core Values  

  • Social and Intercultural Consciousness
  • Equity, Equality and Access
  • Tolerance, Acceptance and Celebration of Diversity and Human Difference
  • Freedom of Civil and Ethical Expression
  • Personal and Civic Responsibility

Council Structure 

The Student Diversity & Inclusion Council (SDIC) is open to all Longwood students who are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion across the campus community. The primary goal of SDIC is to create a campus environment where cultural differences are not only tolerated, but also celebrated. Each member of the council will actively display their commitment to the mission through the planning and execution of culturally rich programs and activities designed to increase the awareness, knowledge, attitudes and skills of students around human differences and cultural expression. 

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Member Application to join SDIC

SDIC Postions


  • Provides leadership and guidance to the council
  • Serves as the student spokesperson for the Office of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Participates as an active member of the University Diversity Council


  • Presides in the chair's absence
  • Plans, organizes and oversees at least two university town hall meetings a semester
  • Participates as an active member of the annual MLK Celebration Committee
    Establishes and maintains good standings with other organizations  

Treasurer (Fund Raising Chair) - Responsible for communicating with the Office of Multicultural Affairs in reference to fiscal expenses and financial needs

  • Coordinates the purchasing of items needed for SDIC programs and activities
  • Reviews and approves all spending endeavors of the council
  • Reports budget updates at every executive and general body meeting
    Heads grant applications

Secretary (Recording and Corresponding) 

  • Maintains an attendance roster of all SDIC meetings and university town hall meetings
  • Maintains an accurate and readily available record of all SDIC meetings and university town hall meetings
  • Forwards all SDIC meeting records to the Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs within 48 hours of the conclusion of all meetings
  • Develops all student-focused correspondence from SDIC to the Longwood student community
  • Communicates with members of the council concerning organizational news, events, or updates

Social Activist Chair

  • Remains aware of student issues and or concerns on campus related to diversity and inclusiveness
  • Provides guidance to the council on opportunities to serve as allies and or advocates for student concerns around diversity and inclusion
  • Develops student campaigns and or rallies around campus issues of diversity and inclusiveness
  • Remains aware of national social trends and occurrences dealing with historically underrepresented populations
  • Organizes at least one socially-just project each semester

Programming Chair

  • Responsible for leading and overseeing council programming efforts
  • Plans and develops at least three programs a semester pertaining to issues concerning diversity and inclusivity
  • Locates and develops collaborative and creative programming opportunities between SDIC and other campus and community entities
  • Advertises and markets all programs and activities developed from the council

Public Relations Chair

  • Responsible for advertising all SDIC events
    Plans and organizes Oktoberfest and Spring weekend activities
    Works with the Office of Multicultural Affairs to create calendars
  • Develops and manages all social media