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Student Opportunities

Field Experiences

You will complete two early field experiences: SPED 323, & 327. (See Field Experience Placements Handbook for specific requirements for SPED 327. You will be given a copy of this manual when you begin your practicum.) You will be evaluated by your cooperating teacher and your college supervisor. (Evaluation forms are in the Field Experience Placements Handbook) Copies of these evaluations should be requested to be placed into your portfolio. You also will be asked to evaluate your practicum site.

Field and Clinical experiences include working with elementary, middle, and secondary students who have exceptional learning needs in the general curriculum. You are required to request different placements for each experience to satisfy grade level and diversity requirements. A possible example might be SPED 323: Elementary level classroom rural setting and SPED 327: Secondary level classroom urban setting. For licensure, you must have experience in elementary, middle, and high school across your field and clinical experiences.

Deadlines for registering for field and clinical experiences can be found at the Office of Professional Services website


Clinical Experience

The Longwood University Special Education Program is committed to providing teacher candidates with positive, practical, and professional clinical experiences that are both rich and diverse. The semester-long clinical experience is designed so that candidates teach in two different settings, enabling them to develop skills across grade levels as well as varying cultural, racial and socio-economic environments. During the clinical experience, university faculty, supervisors and cooperating teachers provide the support necessary for candidates to develop as effective, enthusiastic, and reflective teachers.


Student Professional Preparation

Council for Exc eptional Children

Local Chapter of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)


Student Honorary

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