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Virginia Reading Assessment

In an effort to ensure that all teachers are knowledgeable in the areas of assessment and diagnosis, oral language and communication, reading development, and writing, the Virginia Board of Education has initiated The Virginia Reading Assessment (VRA). 

This test is required of all candidates applying for licensure as elementary (preK-3 or preK-6) teachers, special education teachers, or reading specialists. Anyone applying for licensure in these areas must submit documentation of their completion of the VRA.  At this time, teachers who already have licensure in these areas are not required to take the test.

The ideal time for candidates to take the VRA is after completion of the courses recommended below for each program.

For undergraduates seeking Elementary initial licensure:

  • EDUC 325 & 326 Partnership Experience

For graduate students in the following programs:

  • Elementary C & I Specialist
  • Liberal Studies SPED Fifth Year
  • SPED Initial Licensure
  • Literacy & Culture
    • EDUC 524 Emergent & Early Literacy
    • EDUC 530 Content Area Literacy
  • Elementary Education preK-6 Initial Licensure
    • EDUC 524 Emergent & Early Literacy
    • EDUC 529 Teaching Comprehension Strategies
  • SPED C & I Specialist: LD, E/BD & Mild MR
    • SPED 540 Curriculum & Methods...
    • SPED 520 Language Development & Disorders

The VRA is administered multiple times per year at varying locations throughout Virginia.  Please refer to www.va.nesinc.com for more details including registration information and study guides.

For those interested, Longwood will occasionally offer opportunities to "field test" the VRA on campus.  While these field tests do not fulfill the licensure requirements, you can earn vouchers to use toward payment of the actual test. Information regarding these field tests will be posted when available.