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Health & Physical Education

The Health & Physical Education concentration is designed to enable the post-baccalaureate student to be better prepared to become an educational leader in the profession. Course work has been carefully designed to provide the already licensed health and physical education teachers new information and expand upon previously learned material.

You will receive a solid foundation in current trends in the discipline, utilize research effectively, and be able to implement the new knowledge immediately. For example, one new course, Developing Leadership Skills in Health and Physical Education,(KlNS 520), requires the graduate student to partner with an area school and submit a grant that could affect student health and wellness in that school. These skills will translate to future employment strengths.

A highlight of the concentration is a 6-credit internship that will provide the licensed teacher an opportunity to pursue an area of interest in a concentrated eight-week placement in area schools. The graduate student will be able to select from the following internship options: physical education, pre-school physical education, health education, or adapted physical education (working with children with special needs in physical education).
Graduate students who elect to pursue the adapted physical education internship will meet all requirements to register for the national examination to become a Certified Adapted Physical Education specialist.

The health issues in the area surrounding Farmville are well documented. The benefit of these internships to the immediate area will be significant. To have an additional health and/or physical education teacher in a school will be of great benefit as the interns will be responsible for providing more opportunities for children as well as possibly implement new programs or grants.

This masters degree is structured to permit the graduate student to complete the entire program in one calendar year (a summer session and two semesters).

Successful completion meets current eligibility requirements for the Virginia Postgraduate Professional License.



Newly admitted students are assigned the appropriate advisor. The assignment of the advisor generally is not changed unless the student changes his/her degree program. Prior to registration, students are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor regarding course selection and sequence, career goals, and relevant academic policies. Although the academic advisor assists students with curriculum decisions and options, the student bears full responsibility for meeting graduation requirements.

NOTE: Students are cautioned to work closely with their advisors in planning their studies since some courses have prerequisites and are sequenced to begin with the fall semester.


Program Requirements


 Core Requirements:  (9) Complete the following nine credits.

  • EDUC 502 Research Design (3)
  • EDUC 571 Foundations of Instruction and Learning Theory (3)
  • EDUC 671 Supervision and Evaluation of Instruction and Instructional Programs (3)

Health & Physical Education Requirements:  (24) Complete a total of twenty-four credits as directed below.

      Take the following fifteen credits and examination.

  • HLTH 525 Curriculum & Instruction in Health Education (3)
  • KINS 520 Developing Leadership Skills in Physical Education (3)
  • KINS 530 Curriculum and Instruction in Physical Education (3)
  • KINS 615 Contemporary Issues in Health and Physical Education (3)
  • KINS 632 Scientific Basis of Movement (3)
  • EDUC699 Comprehensive Examination (0)

      Take three credits from the following:

  • KINS 504 Principles of Coaching (3)
  • KINS 564 Adapted Physical Education:  Development of Modified Programs (3)

      Take six credits from the following: 

  • HLTH 683 Internship in Health Education (6)
  • KINS 680 Internship on Pre-School Health and Physical Education (6)
  • KINS 681 Internship in Physical Education (6)
  • KINS 682 Internship in Adapted Physical Education (6)

    Total Hours Required 33

Program Coordinator

Dr. Michael S. Mucedola

Willett 114

Health & Physical Education Faculty


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