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Liberal Studies (Middle)

The Liberal Studies programs have been designed primarily for students seeking licensure to teach multiple subjects in Elementary, Middle or Special Education.

The major in Liberal Studies-Middle provides a solid background in the main areas taught in the Grades: the Language Arts, Social Sciences, Mathematics, and the Sciences. Faculty from a variety of Arts and Sciences disciplines have worked with faculty from the College of Education and Human Services to develop the program and coordinate it with a sequence of education courses leading to Middle Grades (grades 6-8) licensure. The program is intended to develop broadly informed individuals who understand contemporary educational issues and will provide civic and professional leadership within the Middle School setting. The Liberal Studies-Middle program uses numerous course expectations that are framed around the standards of the National Middle Schol Association (NMSA). Clinical fieldwork placements in Middle Grades classrooms are also incorporated at various stages of the program. These field placements are coordinated through the Office of Professional Services.

Since the Liberal Studies major and most of the Education Course sequence are required in common for both elementary and middle school endorsements, students wishing to teach are encouraged to consider seeking both endorsements simultaneously. Separate licensure is, however, available for either elementary (NK-6) or middle grades (6-8). Students not seeking licensure can complete the major by adding a minor in any Arts or Sciences discipline or in Economics.

Every attempt has been made to state the major and minor requirements as clearly as possible on the attached program checklists, however, every student majoring in the Liberal Studies programs should maintain close communication with an academic advisor to plan and schedule the program. The program does not guarantee that all of the courses listed on the checklists will be offered every semester/year.



Middle school education is one of the most exciting aspects of the teaching profession. Early adolescents have unique physical, emotional, intellectual, and social needs. The Middle School program at Longwood University prepares teacher candidates to implement the active, interdisciplinary curriculum that is critical for success in this area.


The interdisciplinary program for students seeking licensure to teach in the middle school grades leads to a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies. The major provides a solid background in the main content areas taught in Middle Schools: the Social Sciences, Language Arts, Mathematics and the Sciences.



Assignment of Advisors

The major in Liberal Studies-Middle is administered through the Office of the Dean of Cook-Cole College of Arts and Sciences and the Director of Liberal Studies. Advisors for the Liberal Studies programs are drawn from Faculty in both the Cook-Cole College and the College of Education & Human Services. These faculty advisors also regularly assist students in defining professional goals and career expectations.

The Liberal Studies-Middle Grades program is coordinated through faculty within the College of Education and Human Services. Students interested in discussing or enrolling in the program should consult with the program coordinator.

Procedures/Requirements Check Sheets


Program Coordinators

Dr. Maynard

Dr. Katrina Maynard 

Associate Professor
210 Hull
434.395. 2333


Dr. Miller

Dr. Sara Miller

Assistant Professor
213 Hull