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Arts & Sciences (Secondary)


  • EDUC 245 Human Growth and Development 3 credits
  • EDUC 260 Introduction to the Teaching Profession 2 credits
  • EDUC 299 Admission to Teacher Preparation 0 credits *
  • EDUC 380 Classroom Assessment 2 credits
  • EDUC 430 Teaching Reading in the Content Area 2 credits
  • EDUC 455 Principles of Secondary Education 1 credit
  • EDUC 484 Media and Technology 1 credit
  • EDUC 487 Classroom Management and System Issues 3 credits
  • SPED 489 Survey of Exceptional Children 3 credits
  • Methods course in the student's major/3 credits (Please see undergraduate catalog for course number and title)

(please see the selected department for additional requirements in the major).

* Students must earn a "Pass" in EDUC 299 before they will be permitted to enroll in any subsequent 300-400 level EDUC courses.



For undergraduate course descriptions and requirements please refer to the current Undergraduate Catalog; for graduate course descriptions and requirements please refer to the current Graduate Catalog.



To teach on the secondary level, a student must have an advisor in one of the departments listed in the menu below. A form in the Office of Registration must be completed indicating which major has been selected and that the secondary education program has also been selected. Each student will then be assigned a major advisor as well as a professional advisor in the Education program.

Take a look at the links below related to the discipline in which you are interested.