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Liberal Studies (Special Education)

Longwood offers a five-year Liberal Studies-Special Education Pathway leading to a Bachelor's degree with a major in Liberal Studies and a Master's degree with a major in Education concentrating in Special Education General Curriculum in five years (graduate courses will need to be taken in the summer).

This pathway is designed for students who want to become Special Education teachers. Liberal Studies is the major for teacher education. (See Liberal Studies.) Those who do not complete the education requirements must add a minor in a Liberal Arts and Sciences discipline (e.g., English, Mathematics, History, Political Science, Economics) to complete the BS and will not be eligible for a license to teach.

In this pathway, you will study the areas of Mathematics, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Humanities as well as special education for a period of five years. Upon successful completion of the first four years of study, you will earn the Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies. After the completion of your graduate year, you will earn the Master of Science degree in Education with a concentration in special education. You will also meet the requirements for a teaching license that will enable you to teach students with exceptional needs in the general curriculum in grades K-12.

During your undergraduate years, you will complete your general education requirements. You will also be enrolled in a variety of Special Education and Liberal Studies content area courses. The Liberal Studies major course work will give you the subject matter knowledge necessary to be an effective teacher in special education. You will also complete two early field experiences in the schools and a full semester of clinical experience. During your fifth year, you will complete graduate course work in education and special education, a graduate internship, and your choice of a thesis, collaborative special education research, or a comprehensive exam.



You will be assigned an advisor in special education sometime during the first semester of your freshmen year. If you are a transfer student, you will be assigned an advisor during your first semester. You will receive and review the Special Education Program Handbook in a general advising session for all incoming SPED freshmen and transfers, or in SPED 202/ LSEM, both held during your first semester at Longwood. Seniors, before student teaching, also may be required to attend another general advising session to prepare for their senior and graduate years.

Your advisor is usually your SPED 202 instructor.




Many opportunities are available for those students who complete one of the pathways in Special Education General Curriculum. Through rigorous study that utilizes early and frequent real life experience, our graduates are prepared to serve the special education field in a variety of capacities.

Our goal is to define and shape the reflective citizen leadership skills in our graduates. The various courses are designed to build the critical skills necessary for effective classroom management, lesson planning, delivery of specialized service, comprehension of complex special education rules and regulations, successful student transition, collaboration, assessment, and research. Master's degree recipients in one of the Special Education General Curriculum pathways will be grounded in research validated best practices and their implementation.



Program Coordinator

Dr. Christopher Jones

Associate Professor
Hull 258