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Arts & Sciences (Add on)

Add-on Endorsements

For students who want to teach art, modern languages (French, German, Spanish), music, or physical education on the N, K-12 level, please see the undergraduate catalog for the courses that need to be taken.

Each program has different requirements. The department will assign an academic/professional advisor. A professional advisor in the EDUC Department will not be assigned, but professional advisors in EDUC will be glad to help at any time. With careful scheduling, a student can complete all degree and program requirements in four years.

It may be possible for some teacher education students to add a second endorsement to a teaching license while completing degree and teacher education requirements. To receive an add-on endorsement, a student must minor in one of the disciplines listed to the right.

Students must have the written permission of the chair of that department prior to declaring a minor. With careful scheduling, it may be possible for a student to complete degree requirements, teacher education program requirements, and an add-on endorsement, in four years.


Add-On Endorsements for Grades 6-12:

  • ALGEBRA I: for secondary majors
  • BIOLOGY: for science majors only
  • CHEMISTRY: for science majors only
  • COMPUTER SCIENCE: for Mathematics majors only
  • DRIVER EDUCATION: for secondary majors
  • EARTH SCIENCE: for science majors only
  • ECONOMICS: for secondary majors
  • GEOGRAPHY: for secondary majors
  • HISTORY: for secondary majors
  • JOURNALISM: for secondary majors
  • PHYSICS: for science majors only
  • POLITICAL SCIENCE: for secondary majors
  • THEATRE ARTS: for secondary majors

Add-On Endorsement for Grades PK-12:

  • MATHEMATICS: for computer science majors.