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Teacher Preparation Program Admissions

  • Admission to Teacher Preparation is required before placements can be made for Practicum II, Partnership and Student Teaching.  Admission is also required for higher-level education courses.
  • The elementary, middle, secondary and PK-12 teacher candidate will not be allowed to enroll in 300-400 level EDUC courses until s/he admitted into Teacher Prep. The SPED teacher candidate will not be allowed to enroll in SPED 321 or SPED/EDUC courses above this level until admitted into Teacher Prep.
  • The transfer student must meet requirements and apply for admission to Teacher Prep by February 1 or September 1 of her/his second semester at Longwood. One positive faculty recommendation may be accepted from any instructor at the transferring institution, but the other one must come from a Longwood faculty member in you program area. The transfer student may use her/his overall 2.5 (or higher) GPA from the transferring college/university to meet the GPA admission requirement.


Requirements for admission to Teacher Preparation are:

  • Qualifying Test Scores
    • The OPS needs a copy of the score report you received. Scores from the testing agency are submitted electronically to Longwood and cannot be used by the OPS for admission to Teacher Prep. Please note you will receive your score report electronically, but it will become inactive after 30 days. Make sure you print or save a copy during that window of time or you will need to pay for another copy. Please keep the original for your personal records.
    • Composite SAT score of 1100, with 530 or higher on the subtests for math and verbal/reading, OR
    • Composite Praxis I score of 532, OR
    • Composite ACT score of 24, math minimum 22, reading and English total 46 OR
    • Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA) Reading Subtest Score 235 and Writing Subtest Score 235 and Praxis I Mathematics Score 178
  • Two Positive Faculty Recommendations as specified by the program area
    • Make sure you provide your full name and L-number for her/his use in completing the recommendation.
    • Submitted online, using the faculty tab of "MyLongwood."
    • Confirm with OPS that the required recommendations have been received, before the deadline.
  • Course Prerequisites
    • You must have a "C" or better in ENGL 150 or the transfer equivalent regardless of your major/program area.
    • You must have a "C" or better in the introductory courses associated with your program area: Special Education: SPED 202
  • Have an Overall GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Complete/submit the online application once all criteria are met.
  • There is no concrete deadline for admission except that it is required before Practicum II.
  • Students planning to complete a summer Practicum II placement need to apply and meet requirements for admission to Teacher Prep by the deadline to register for practicum. 

Graduate Program Admissions

  • Admission to the master's degree is required during the senior year of the undergraduate degree.  Placement in the graduate internship cannot be done until graduate admission has been completed.
  • Graduate admission applications are due by February 1st for admission to the summer semester, or by October 1st for admission to the spring semester.  Failure to submit the application, essay and fee by these deadlines will delay your admission to graduate school and delay your program completion.
  • The Special Education Graduate Admissions Committee will review all five-year master's applicants as a group after the above deadlines.  


Requirements for admission to the graduate program:

  • Have an Overall Undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • Have a minimum grade of 'C' and a GPA of 2.75 or higher in all special education professional course work.
  • Successfully complete the bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies.
  • Complete the Application for Graduate Admission and a 500-word personal essay stating the reasons for seeking graduate education.  (Applications and complete instructions are available through the College of Graduate & Professional Studies or on their website, www.longwood.edu/graduatestudies.)