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The Music Concentration offers opportunities for graduate students to hone both their musical and their teaching skills while at the same time expanding and enhancing their own personal intellectual wealth. 

The "Action Research" will provide each participant an opportunity to  investigate an issue of importance in his/her current teaching situation and then to share, through a public forum, the findings with the larger music teaching community.

Admission to this program requires the following:

  • Undergraduate degree in music education
  • Video of teaching or rehearsal
  • Valid Virginia Collegiate Professional Teaching License or equivalent from another state.


Newly admitted students are assigned the appropriate advisor. The assignment of the advisor generally is not changed unless the student changes his/her degree program. Prior to registration, students are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor regarding course selection and sequence, career goals, and relevant academic policies. Although the academic advisor assists students with curriculum decisions and options, the student bears full responsibility for meeting graduation requirements.

NOTE: Students are cautioned to work closely with their advisors in planning their studies since some courses have prerequisites and are sequenced to begin with the fall semester.


Program Requirements for the Master's Degree

Core Requirements:  (9) Complete the following nine credits:

  • EDUC 502 Research Design(3)
  • EDUC 506 Contemporary Social Issues in American Education (3)
  • EDUC 671 Supervision and Evaluation of Instruction and Instructional Programs (3)

Music Requirements:  Complete the following seventeen credits:

  • MUSC 513 Advanced Analysis and Aural Skills (2)
  • MUSC 519 Computer Applications in Music (3)
  • MUSC 581 Applied Music (2)
  • MUSC 632 Research Design (1)
  • MUSC 646 Current Issues in Music Education (3)
  • MUSC 691 Action Research (6)

Required Music Electives: Complete five to six credits from the following:

  • MUSC 542 Conducting Seminar - Choral (2)
  • MUSC 543 Conducting Seminar - Instrumental (2)
  • MUSC 544 Music in the Integrated Curriculum (3)
  • MUSC 546 Vocal Pedagogy (2)
  • MUSC 588 Composition (2)
  • MUSC 595 Special Topics (1-3)
  • MUSC 645 Piano Pedagogy (2)
  • MUSC 661 Instrument Repair (1)
  • MUSC 681 Applied Music (2)
  • MUSC 688 Composition (2)
  • MUSC 695 Special Topics (1-3)


NOTE: Applied Music - For areas we don't have among our resident faculty, we will draw on Richmond symphony players. Students may have to travel to applied lessons at their own expense.


Program Coordinator

Dr. Patricia D. Lust

Wygal Hall 219