You'll get all the tools you need to realize your professional dreams of working with teaching children as an elementary, middle, or high school teacher.

Elementary: If you dream of teaching our youngest future citizen leaders, you will major in Elementary Education and Teaching.

Middle: Middle school teachers bridge the gap between elementary and high school. You'll help guide young minds and prepare them to determine their own path with a major in Elementary and Middle School Education and Teaching. Middle school licensure can be obtained in conjunction with an elementary or secondary teaching licensure.

Secondary: To teach middle and/or high school, you'll work primarily with the faculty and an advisor in the department of the major you've selected. These programs offer secondary teaching concentrations:

PreK-12: To teach a subject that covers all grade levels, you'll work primarily with the faculty and an advisor in the department of the major you've selected.

Special Education: A five-year Bachelors/ Masters program.

In order to teach…Grade levelsLongwood Major/Licensure Concentration
English in Middle or High School 6th- 12th English/Secondary Education
Mathematics in Middle/High School 6th- 12th Mathematics/Secondary Education
Biology, Chemistry or Physics in Middle/High School 6th- 12th Biology, Chemistry or Physics/Secondary Education1
History/Social Studies in Middle/High School 6th- 12th History/Secondary Education
Elementary Education - all subjects5 PreK- 6th Elementary Education and Teaching
Pre-school/Head Start PreK- 6th Elementary Education and Teaching
Special Education - General Curriculum6 K-12th  
Art PreK- 12th Visual & Performing Arts/Art Education
Theatre PreK-12th Visual & Performing Arts/Theatre Education
Music PreK- 12th Visual & Performing Arts/Music Education2
Physical Education/Health PreK-12th Health & Physical Education/PreK-12 Education3
French, German or Spanish PreK-12th French, German or Spanish/PreK-12 Education4
English as a Second Language (ESL)  PreK-12th Modern Languages/PreK-12 Education4


1- Secondary Science Teacher Preparation concentrations include Biology, Chemistry, or Physics
2- Music Teacher Preparation concentrations include Choral or Instrumental
3- Additional courses in optional Driver Education and/or Coaching Minor available
4- Modern Languages Teacher Preparation majors includes Spanish, French, German, or ESL
5- Additional endorsements in Middle School English, Math, Science, or Social Studies available with additional coursework (grades 6th-8th)