You'll get all the tools you need to realize your professional dreams of working with children as an elementary or middle school teacher.

Elementary: If you dream of teaching our youngest future citizen leaders the place to be is Liberal Studies- in the Elementary School Licensure track.

Middle: Middle school teachers bridge the gap between elementary and high school. You'll help guide young minds and prepare them to determine their own path with a Liberal Studies Middle School Licensure.

Secondary: To teach high school you'll work primarily with the faculty and an advisor in the department of the major you've selected, and a professional advisor in the Education program.

These programs offer secondary teaching concentrations:

What You'll Study


The Department of Education and Special Education at Longwood is where you learn how to teach and how to be a Teacher. As a candidate for our teacher prep program you'll interact with our passionate and experienced teaching faculty who all enjoy developing professional educators.

The first two years of your undergraduate study you'll take courses that focus on content areas; Math, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, English, Fine Arts, Physical and Health Education and introductory Education courses required of all future middle and elementary educators.

Then you'll apply to the teacher prep program in the College of Education and Human Services. Here, you'll learn "best practices" and innovative methods for teaching elementary and middle school students, and for teaching students with special needs.