This graduate program is designed for teachers who want to

  • Upgrade their knowledge and skills in teaching literacy in the PreK-12 classroom;
  • become an instructional specialist; or
  • Work in alternate support programs.

What You'll Study


Investigate research-based theories in literacy, put theory into effective practice, and examine how culture impacts literacy teaching and learning. You'll graduate with the skills and background competent teacher-leaders need to teach literacy across the curriculum and within the parameters of research-based literacy techniques and assessment.


Reading, Literacy & Learning Professional Endorsement

Designed for teachers who have a Master’s degree this endorsement provides you the opportunity get the skills teacher-leaders need to be able to teach reading and writing across the curriculum within the parameters of research-based literacy techniques and assessments.

You'll need to have a valid Virginia Postgraduate Professional License or equivalent from another state, adhere to the Virginia Department of Education regulations, and work with their school division’s personnel department to determine eligibility.


With flexible course scheduling, locations and formats to accommodate working professionals, explore scholarly investigation, faculty mentoring and supervised practical experiences in courses that include: 

  • Preventing Reading Difficulties
  • Teaching English Language Learners in a Multicultural Society 
  • Intermediate to Middle School Literacy Instruction