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English 6-12 Initial Licensure

We are not taking applications for this program because we are in the process of discontinuing it.

The English/6-12 Initial Licensure master's program is designed for the individual with an undergraduate major or minor in English who wishes to obtain a secondary teaching license in English.

Upon completion of the program and the earning of the Master of Arts degree, students will be eligible to receive the Virginia Postgraduate Professional Teaching License with an endorsement to teach English in grades 6-12.


Students admitted to the 6-12 Initial Licensure concentration are expected to have an undergraduate major or at least a minor (18 credit hours) in English, a cumulative GPA of 3.00 (4.0 scale), and a passing score on one of the tests outlined on the Office of Professional Services Teacher Preparation webpage.

The undergraduate major or minor must include courses in grammar and linguistics, and should also include survey courses in American, British, and world literature.  

Additional undergraduate preparation may be required at the discretion of the departmental graduate committee.


View Program Requirements

Core Education Requirements: (18)

  • Education 506 Contemporary Social Issues In American Education (3)
  • Education 521 Human Growth And Development (3)
  • Education 530 Teaching Reading In The Content Area (3)
  • Education 547 Instructional Media And Computer Technology In The Classroom (3)
  • Education 550 Classroom And Behavior Management For Prek-12 Teachers (3)
  • Education 573 Inquiry Into The Classroom Community (3)

Core English Requirements: (21)

  • English 546 Studies in Young Adult Literature (3) 
  • English 562 Literary Criticism (3)
  • English 579 Writing: Theory And Practice For The Middle, Secondary & College Classroom (3)
  • English 580 The Teaching Of English (3)
  • English 601 Graduate Directed Teaching In The Middle And Secondary Classroom (6)
  • English 606 Introduction to English Graduate Studies (3) (requirement in the first semester after admission)
  • English 699 Comprehensive Examination (0)

Required Elective Courses: (9)

Select Two Of The Following 500-Level Courses And One 600-Level Course. 

  • English 510 Teaching College Composition: Theory and Practice (3)
  • English 511 The Epic (3)
  • English 512 Poetry (3)
  • English 513 The Novel (3)
  • English 514 Short Story (3)
  • English 515 Drama (3)
  • English 516 The Bible As Literature (3)
  • English 517 Nonfiction (3)
  • English 522 Major Figures In Fiction (3)
  • English 523 Major Figures In Poetry (3)
  • English 525 Studies In Shakespeare (3)
  • English 531 Arthurian Literature (3)
  • English 532 Women And Literature (3)
  • English 538 Studies in World Literature (3) 
  • English 540 Studies in Literary History (3)
  • English 541 Ethnic Literature (3)
  • English 542 Regional Literature (3)
  • English 543 Postcolonial Literature (3)
  • English 544 Literature And Culture (3)
  • English 545 Studies In Children's Literature (3)
  • English 562 Literary Criticism (3)
  • English 595 Special Topics (1-3)
  • English 611 Studies In British Medieval Literature (3)
  • English 621 Studies In The English Renaissance (3)
  • English 631 Studies In British Neoclassicism And The Eighteenth Century (3)
  • English 641 Studies In British Romantic And Victorian Literature (3)
  • English 651 Studies In Modern And Contemporary British Literature (3)
  • English 661 Studies In American Colonial Literature (3)
  • English 671 Studies In American Romanticism (3)
  • English 681 Studies In American Realism And Naturalism (3)
  • English 691 Studies In Modern And Contemporary American Literature (3)
  • English 695 Studies In Special Topics (1-3)

Total Hours Required: 48


Program Coordinator

Dr. Gena D. Southall
Grainger  108



The program culminates with a Directed Teaching/Professional Semester and a comprehensive examination.

Passing scores on Praxis II are required prior to enrollment in the professional semester. An application for the Graduate Directed Teaching/Professional Semester must be completed and filed with the Office of Professional Services by September 1 (one year before fall professional semester) or February 1 (one year before spring professional semester). Applications are available from the Office of Professional Services website.

Successful completion of the program and all current Virginia Department of Education requirements for licensure meets eligibility requirements for the Virginia Postgraduate Professional Teaching License with an endorsement to teach English in grades 6-12. The Office of Professional Services' website has specific details on the professional semester, which is designed as the capstone course in this program. 

Students must take the graduate comprehensive examination in the fall semester of their final year of degree work.