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EMS Team

Longwood University's EMS team is comprised of two key elements: the EMS Steering Committee and EMS Task Forces which include an EMS Steering Committee Liaison.

The EMS Steering Committee is composed of a diverse group of individuals from across campus. Each team member relies on the input and opinions of the rest of the steering committee to make informed and relevant decisions.


Task Force Liaisons

Ben Myers

Task Force Liaison
Phone: 434-395-2740
Email: myersab@longwood.edu

Ray Heinrich

Task Force Liaison
Phone: 434-395-2471
Email: heinrichrt@longwood.edu


EMS Steering Committee

 Ken Copeland

Internal EMS and EMS Compliance Auditor
Phone: 434-395-2358
Email: copelandpk@longwood.edu

Jerry Jerome

Phone: 434-395-2883
Email: jeromerw@longwood.edu

Tracey Neihouse

EMS Website Designer and DBA
Phone: 434-395-2088
Email: neihousetr@longwood.edu

Louise Waller

Phone: 434-395-2809
Email: wallermw@longwood.edu


Dick Bratcher

EMS Senior Management Representative
Vice President of Facilities and Real Property
Phone: 434-395-2900
Email: bratcherrw@longwood.edu


Melissa Pelletier

EMS Management Representative and EMS Team Leader
Phone: 434-395-2630 or 434-395-2900
Email: pelletierma@longwood.edu