Mathematics & Computer Science Colloquium: Computer Science in the Not-for-profit Community

Thursday, September 27, 20184:00PM - Thursday, September 27, 20185:00PM
At Ruffner 354
Organized by Mathematics and Computer Science

Abstract: The not-for-profit community is engaged in serving society, improving communities, and helping people, rather than worrying about Return On Investment for stockholders. Although many people equate the field of computer science with "the big bucks", computer scientists also work in the not-for-profit world, leveraging their knowledge and skills to improve lives and society. The rise of social media and mobile computing fosters development of assistive technologies for people with disabilities. A careful scrutiny of existing procedures can lead to faster imaging algorithms that allow cancer patients to rest more comfortably. Developing the appropriate database can help arts organizations reach their audience. This talk will look at some examples of work on computing in the social context, and ways for students to use their skills now and in the future.

Bio: Scott McElfresh graduated from public schools in West Virginia. He earned BS degrees from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, with majors in math, computer science, and cognitive science. He earned MS and Ph.D. from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. While his early research publications are in computational geometry, his more recent work is in computer science education, and the use of technology to help non-profit organizations. Scott is also active on the local and national levels of the community music movement, including leading the Heart of Virginia Community band in Farmville.

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