LU Theatre - She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms Auditions

Tuesday, August 25, 20206:00PM - Tuesday, August 25, 202010:00PM
At Zoom
Organized by LU Theatre

Attention Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers!
Auditions for Longwood Theatre's production of SHE KILLS MONSTERS: VIRTUAL REALMS will be held on Tuesday August 25th! As the production will be rehearsed and produced virtually, audition will be held in Zoom. The show will begin rehearsing Thursday, August 26th 2020 and performances will be available from November 11-15th, 2020. Rehearsals are Monday through Friday in the evenings and on some Saturdays during the day. Not everyone will be called every day. As this is a virtual production, actors must be available in the evenings from August 26-October 17 for rehearsals, tech, and filming. There may need to be additional times beyond October 17 for potential re-shoots. As this is a virtual theatre process, most production related activities will be held online. If you have questions, or would like to read a copy of the script- please e-mail
Please sign up for an audition slot here:
The deadline to sign up is Monday August 24th at 5:00 pm. You will be notified of an audition time that evening and sent the Zoom link.
No monologues necessary. Sides will be provided. Not all characters will be included in the sides. All roles open.​
Callbacks will be Wednesday, August 26th from 6:00-10:00 pm, if necessary.
  • Tilly: Teenager. Queer. An adventurer. Brave. Agnes' older sister. D&D name: Tillius the Paladin.
  • Agnes: Teenager. Our heroine. “Average.” Embarks on a D&D adventure written by her older sister, Tilly.
  • Chuck: Teenager. Comic book store employee. D&D Dungeon Master and Agnes' guide into Tilly's world.
  • Vera: Teenager. Agnes' friend and confident. Strong. Sassy.
  • Miles: Teenager. Agnes' boyfriend. Big heart.
  • Kaliope: Teenager. Dark Elf. Strong. Master-tracker. Lock-Pick. Confident in her beauty.
  • Lilith: Teenager. Queer. Demon Queen. Sensual. Possibly a cannibal.
  • Orcus: Teenager. Demon Overlord of the Underworld. Lazy. Stoner.
  • The Great Mage Steve: Teenager. D&D Adventurer. Dies multiple times.
  • Farrah the Faerie: Teenager. A fairy. Violent. Homicidal. Brash. Has a cute puppet companion.
Good luck on your quest!

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