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One Act Experience Auditions & Tech Position Sign-ups

Monday, October 7, 20196:30PM - Monday, October 7, 201910:00PM
At CSTAC Lab Theatre

ANNOUNCING AUDITIONS FOR THE ONE ACT EXPERIENCE:  “The Dumb Waiter”by Harold Pinter, Directed by Matt Howard.  “Lone Star” by James McLure, Directed by Aaron Burstein.


MONDAY, OCTOBER 7TH, 6:30 PM, CSTAC (Communication Studies & Theatre Arts Center) LAB THEATRE SPACE

(And Tech Sign-up)

According to the directors:  Cold reading, group exercises with auditioners and both directors in one space; then there will be a “callback” session that same evening where each director will call people back separately and hold their respective callbacks.  Character Description, provided by the directors, for both shows is as follows:


“The Dumb Waiter” by Harold Pinter

Matt Howard - Director


Character Description


("he" is used to denote how the characters are written any gender may be cast in both roles) ;


Gus- The more naive and fresh of the two characters. Much more willing to explore more substantial topics of conversation, including the consequences of their work. Struggles to cope with the dull routine of his life and laments about it to an un-emphatic Ben. Unwilling to resign himself to faithful servitude. Where Gus has questions, Ben lacks answers. Anxious about his relationship with their boss Wilson, but still willing to hold Wilson accountable. Smokes cigarettes.  


Ben- He is the more experienced of the two hit-men. Answers many of the abundance of questions Gus asks him with silence. Much more associated with their boss Wilson and therefore much more sure of his place on the job. More resigned to their lower class lives and a little too concerned with upholding the order of things. Certainly the more violent of the two characters. Reads a paper. 


“Lone Star” by James McLure

Aaron Burstein - Director  


Character Description


Roy- lean, mean, tough, and opinionated, Roy served in the Vietnam war and thinks that makes him an expert on everything. Roy is drunk the entire play and vocally loves two things: women and his 1959 pink Thunderbird convertible.


Ray- Roy's bigger, slower younger brother. He is much more gentle, cautious, and naive about most everything. He looks up to Roy even when he shouldn't.


Cletis- a tall, skinny, “wide-eyed asshole.” He's Roy's arch-nemesis, even though he probably doesn't deserve Roy's hatred (at least before the events of the play unfold).  

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