Facilities Available for Rental

The campus of Longwood University has seen dramatic improvements over the past few years with the completion of major construction and campus beautification projects. The Office of Conference and Event Services maintains the most up-to-date listing of facilities available for use.

Contact the Office of Conference and Event Services via email at scheduling@longwood.edu to check for the latest modifications.  

Occupancy numbers are estimates and may change based on additional set-up and presentation needs. Audio-visual equipment is available in most facilities. Not all of Longwood University's facilities are available for rental or use by requesters. Find out more in Event Management Handbook


Brock Commons, a beautiful pedestrian promenade named after benefactors Macon and Joan Brock (Class of 1964), was officially opened on April 24, 2004. Brock Commons has become the central focal point for Longwood, uniting the campus community around a safe, pedestrian-friendly environment, while creating an outdoor, collegial ambiance for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Adjacent to Brock Commons are broad lawns, 11 tennis courts, four athletic fields, and numerous late-20th century buildings, including the Greenwood Library, the Lankford Student Union, residence halls, and various academic facilities. The University has six auditoriums ranging in size from 96 to 1,065 seats.

Health and Fitness Center (44), a brand new 80,000 square foot which opened in August 2007, features a wide range of amenities including an indoor track, basketball and racquetball courts, a climbing wall, work-out rooms, juice bar, and the latest weight, exercise and training equipment.

Eason Hall (13): The recently remodeled Eason Hall houses the President's Office and the offices of Administration and Finance, Student Affairs and Marketing, Communications & Engagement. It also temporarily houses Admissions. Public use of the facility is guided by Longwood University Policy 1402 (which is featured in this handbook).

Rotunda (10): Longwood's signature building with its beautiful Rotunda, was rededicated on April 23, 2005 and replicates the university's most beloved building, dating to the 1880s, which burned on April 24, 2001 while undergoing a $12 million renovation. The original eight paintings on the interior of the Rotunda dome, created in 1905 by the Italian-born artist Eugene D. Monfalcone of Richmond, have been returned to the dome following an extensive restoration that was underway prior to the fire. The historic Joan of Arc statue, known affectionately as "Joanie on the Stony," was also recently restored and returned to its place of honor on the main floor beneath the Rotunda. The bigger-than-life sculpture is a reproduction of the famous 1870 original created by French sculptor Henri-Michel-Antoine Chapu. The statue was a gift from the Class of 1914 and symbolizes Joan of Arc as the patron saint of Longwood. The Rotunda was reconstructed in the classic style based on the original blueprints and drawings from the state archives in Richmond. The 83,143 square foot building houses 22 classrooms, four academic departments and the offices of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Dean of the Cook-Cole College of Arts and Sciences. Use of the Rotunda and other non-academic spaces is restricted and must have the approval of the Dean of the Cook-Cole College of Arts and Sciences. The Rotunda Conference Room seats 30 around a large oval conference table, has built in technology and is conference call capable.

The Chichester Science Center (15) opened fall 2005 and is named for state Senator John H. and Karen Williams Chichester. The Center is a 71,804 square foot facility that includes 23 classrooms and laboratories, 47 faculty offices and additional research space for both undergraduate and graduate research projects. The new building features a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled environment, with safety ventilation systems and hazardous materials safeguards along with a high-tech infrastructure for classrooms, laboratories, and distance learning facilities. A greenhouse and herbarium, housing the world's largest collection of Virginia plant specimens, is located on the roof. The Chichester Science Center is also home to a 96 person capacity state of the art lecture hall with tiered seating and contains two lovely lobby areas suitable for receptions featuring LCVA artwork.

Classrooms: Academic classes have first priority in all academic space on campus. Nearly all of the 100+ academic spaces are ADA accessible and are equipped with Visual Presenters, Internet Access and Whiteboards. Longwood has classrooms that seat 20 to 110.

Computer Labs/Training Rooms: Typically are equipped with the same technology as found in the classrooms. Average seating per lab is 24.

Conference & Meeting Rooms: A wide range of conference room types and sizes are available on the Longwood University campus with and without technology, with seating capacities ranging from 8 - 30. Most meeting and conference rooms allow food to be served.

Bedford Art Building(37): Located in Bedford, the Bedford Auditorium seats 154. A small stage area fronts the room, and is fully equipped for lectures, movie viewing and slide shows

Hull Education Building (38): Hull Hall houses the University's Department of Education, Special Education and Social Work. Built in 1996, it is home to the Orr Auditorium. Orr Auditorium is equipped with sound and projection capabilities and seats 148. No food or drink is permitted in the facility.

Jarman Auditorium(14): Home to the University's Theatre Department, Jarman Auditorium is a 1,065-seat auditorium with a large stage. The facility has capabilities for lighting, sound, projection and staging needs. A lobby is located directly outside of the auditorium. No food or drink is permitted in the facility. Jarman Auditorium has special guidelines and pricing packages. Call the Office of Conferences and Scheduling for information on reserving Jarman Auditorium.

Wygal Music Building(36): The Department of Music is housed in the Wygal Music Building, located on Brock Commons across from Willett Hall. All music classes and most rehearsals, concerts, and recitals are held in Wygal Hall which honors the memory of Fred Orr Wygal, Acting President of Longwood College from 1962-63 and 1967. An attractive foyer and Haga Room for receptions following recitals and concerts make the Wygal Music Building a complete facility.

  • John W. Molnar Recital Hall has a seating capacity of 191 persons and serves as the main facility for student, faculty, and guest recitals. With its excellent acoustics it is the perfect venue for the department's Chamber Music Series. Students are allowed to use the recital hall and its piano in direct preparation for forthcoming performances. To schedule rehearsal time, please contact the departmental secretary. Use of food and drink in the recital hall is strictly prohibited.
  • The Haga Room honors the memory of Professor Pauline Boehm Haga, who served on the Music Faculty from 1968 until her death in 1984. This room, complete with kitchen facilities, serves the department for receptions, staff meetings, and on occasion is used by other campus groups. Its use is restricted and is subject to approval by the Department Chair. Several antiques and valuable pieces of furniture are located in the Haga Room. Special care must be taken by all who use this room to protect these pieces. Cooperation is appreciated. The Haga room is available for student use on special occasions, such as receptions after junior and senior recitals. The Haga Room has a maximum capacity of 40.

Hiner Building (21) was originally constructed in 1909 as the "Campus School" for Longwood University. A major renovation/restoration of the building was completed in 1999 providing a home for the College of Business & Economics at Longwood. The building is ideally sited at the center of the Longwood campus and immediately adjacent to the historic central campus area. Hiner Building is located at the North end of Brock Commons pedestrian mall. The renovated Hiner Building houses fifteen classrooms, twenty-eight faculty and staff offices, a library for the Center for Economic Education, and the College of Business & Economics' McGaughy Professional Development Center. The building features two classrooms with tiered seating for 40 students. These classrooms are furnished with instructional tables fully wired for use of laptop computers at each seat. These rooms are also designed to support distance learning methods with audio and video ties to students at remote campuses. Hiner Auditorium seats 150 and is designed to accommodate each student at instructional tables which are fully wired for use of laptop computers. With additional perimeter seating the room is able to hold up to 200 persons for occasional use. Each classroom is designed to accommodate a variety of audio and video instructional methods, with flexibility to respond to changing instructional techniques.

Grainger Building (12): Originally built in 1903, Grainger Hall suffered severe fire and water damage in the Great Fire of 2001 and was subsequently demolished. Rebuilt in its classical style, Grainger Hall reopened to students on August 19, 2003. The four-story, 27,694-square foot building is home to the Department of English and Modern Languages, named for Dr. James Moses Grainger. Dr. Grainger (1879-1968) taught English at Longwood from 1908 to 1950 and was department chair for all but the first two years. Grainger features built in technology in every classroom, and maintains wireless capabilities.

Jeffers Auditorium (19): Built in 1968 with seating for 107, the Jeffers Auditorium is currently under renovation. Jeffers is located in the Stephens/McCorkle building (also under renovations).

Dorrill Dining Hall: Near the center of Brock Commons is the two-story, 60,000 square foot Dorrill Dining Hall, located across from the Lankford Student Union. This multi-purpose facility, with its curved, colonnaded portico overlooking Iler Field, is the first building on campus to utilize geothermal heating and cooling. The flexible interior design provides space for banquets, meetings, and special events.

  • The spacious Lee Grand Dining Room is accustomed to fine dining. Seating 400, in banquet rounds, the Lee Grand is perfect for any major banquet or reception. Staging and Dance floor set-up is available at additional costs. To reserve the Lee Grand, more than 150 people must be in attendance and food service through the catering department is required.
  • The Nance Room: Adjoined to Lewis, Nance is perfect for small, intimate banquets, receptions, or meetings. Nance seats 150 in banquet rounds. The Nance features Internet Access, and built in LCD Projector and Screen. Reservations for this space require food service through the catering department.
  • The Lewis Room: Adjoined to Nance is the smaller Lewis Room. Seating up to 48, the Lewis Room is perfect for lunch meetings and small seminars. The Lewis Room features Internet Access, and built in LCD Projector and Screen. It is small enough that normally a microphone is not needed for this space. Reservations for this space require food service through the catering department.
  • The Annex: Adjoined to the Lee Grand Dining Hall is The Annex, designed for groups eating "meal-thru-the-line" or "regular menu," but still wanting to have a private space to meet for their meal. This room features 8' rectangular tables and seats 80. It does not have technology.

Lankford Hall fronts Brock Commons and is located across from the Dorrill Dining Hall. Lankford Hall is home to the University's Student Union. Student Union policy prohibits the hanging of any materials on walls or from ceilings. The facility includes the following rooms on the first floor.

Commonwealth Ballroom: As you enter Lankford, you step into a large open area with vaulted ceilings. This Ballroom has a capacity of 200 and is used primarily for dances and receptions.

Appomattox/Buckingham/Cumberland Rooms: This area can be used for one large event (capacity of 300) or can be split into three separate rooms. Partitions allow the Appomattox (50), Buckingham (90) and Cumberland (115) to be used simultaneously. This space is typically referred to as the "ABC" rooms.

Amelia Room: Meeting room with a maximum occupancy of 50.

Charlotte Room: Meeting room with a maximum occupancy of 18. A large conference table sits in the middle of this room and cannot be moved or removed.

Nottoway Room: Meeting room with a maximum occupancy of 16. A large conference table sits in the middle of this room and cannot be moved or removed. This is an interior space without windows.

Barlow Field: Located on the corner of Venable and Madison Streets; Barlow Field is home to Longwood University field hockey. Surrounded by a fence, the field is a perfect space for outdoor activities such as cheerleading, picnics, and sports. The field will be the home to a new Longwood facilities building in the near future.

First Avenue Field: This field is used primarily for rugby. It is located on First Avenue, a two-block walk from the campus.

Iler Field: Located directly behind the Dorrill Dining Hall. Iler field accommodates most of our bonfires.

Iler Hall: The second of two gymnasiums on campus, Iler Gym is a non air-conditioned facility. Used mainly for an extra basketball arena, intramural activities and aerobics classes, the building is available for use in the summer, student organization dances and socials. Iler is located on Brock Commons across from the Lankford Student Union, and next door to the Dorrill Dining Hall.

Willett Hall: Willett Hall is a health, physical education, and recreation complex located on Brock Commons. Willett Hall includes Lancer Gym, a 3,000-seat facility. Air-conditioned and equipped with two full courts, Lancer Gym offers a fine area for basketball camps and large functions. When using this facility for anything other than a sporting event, the floor must be covered by a tarp. A charge will be incurred for this service. Permission to use this facility must be granted prior to use.