Internal University Events

University Events are defined as space and event requests where all applicable and potential costs are paid entirely from University accounts, all residual income remains within University accounts, and the event is scheduled and coordinated entirely by the University organization. Applicable cost includes ARAMARK dining services. 

External or Non-University Events

All applicable costs and fees including, but not limited to, will apply to the following requests:

  • Events where all applicable costs and fees are paid by non-University accounts or organizations and all residual income remains with a non-University organization.
  • Events scheduled by Longwood University faculty, staff, alumni, students, and student organizations for their personal use.
  • Social events scheduled by student or other groups as "open to the public" and require an entry fee.
  • Events scheduled by Longwood University departments that include external attendees who are charged fees not covered by a Longwood University account to attend.
  • Events scheduled by non-profit organizations for events directly related to their mission. (Room rate reduced by 50%)
  • Events scheduled by Longwood University departments or individuals for organizations that require membership dues.

Fees and/or costs may include:

  • Room use fees - University maintenance account
  • Technology fees - ITS Department or C&S
  • Security - Campus Police
  • Catering - ARAMAK dining services
  • Housekeeping - ARAMARK housekeeping services
  • Parking - Campus Police
  • Administrative Fee - Conference & Event Services
  • Other fees for services or resources requested