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Additional Applicant Information

Health Records

In accordance with 23-7.5 of the Code of Virginia, a full-time student (nine hours at the graduate level), enrolling for the first time in any public institution of higher education in this Commonwealth must have a health record and history on file in the Student Health Services office.

Prior to pre-registration for the second semester, students must furnish documented evidence, provided by a licensed health professional or health facility, of diseases for which the student has been immunized, the numbers of doses given, the dates when administered, and any further immunizations indicated. These immunizations include diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, measles (rubeola), German measles (rubella), mumps, and meningitis according to the guidelines of the American College Health Association. Tuberculosis screening within the past year is also required. Any student who fails to furnish this information will not be eligible for registration for the second semester.


Second Master's Degree

A student who has earned a master's degree from an accredited institution may choose to complete a second master's degree.

The applicant should complete all of the steps in the admission process and in addition, submit a completed Application for Graduate Degree. The prospective applicant should contact the College of Graduate & Professional Studies to arrange an appointment with the appropriate Program Coordinator for the completion of the Application for Graduate Degree. Once complete the $50.00 Application for Graduate Admission fee should be submitted directly to the Office of Cashiering. The Application for Graduate Degree form is then filed in the Office of Registration at the same time the Application for Graduate Admission is submitted to the College of Graduate & Professional Studies.

A maximum of six (6) credit hours from the first master's degree may be applied to the second master's degree, provided a grade of B or better was earned in the coursework, it is no more than five years old, and it is applicable to the new program.


Non-Degree Students

  • No more than nine Longwood non-degree graduate hours may be counted towards a degree, certificate or professional endorsement program. Students are expected to apply to a Longwood graduate program prior to enrolling in classes. At the latest, all application materials should be received before the completion of six hours.
  • A teacher who is primarily interested in licensure renewal but not credit toward a degree or professional endorsement may enroll as a non-degree student. No application is necessary and registration takes place in the Office of Registration.
  • A student who is interested in personal enrichment may enroll as a non-degree student. No application is necessary and registration takes place in the Office of Registration.
  • Graduate courses may be audited, with permission of the instructor and registration takes place in the Office of Registration.

Registration may be done in person (Barlow Hall) OR via regular mail (Office of  Registration, Longwood University, 201 High Street, Farmville, VA 23909) OR via e-mail (registrar@longwood.edu) if you have the capability to scan the form and attach it to the e-mail OR via fax (434.395.2252). (It is the responsibility of students to confirm receipt of the fax or e-mail by calling 434.395.2580.) Registration and In-State Tuition Application forms are available on the Registration Office web site at www.longwood.edu/registrar, select 'Non-Degree Students' from their menu.


Students with Disabilities

In accordance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, students with disabilities will not be discriminated against on the basis of their disability.

Admission to the graduate program is based on the requirements outlined in the Catalog. Admissions decisions are made without regard to disability. All students are expected to present academic credentials at or above the minimum standards for admission as established by the Graduate Committee.

Once a student has been admitted, requests for accommodations should be directed to the Director of Disability Resources at 434.395.2391, TDD 711, or by fax at 434.395.2434. The Director will work with the student, based upon appropriate documentation, to provide and structure reasonable accommodations to meet the student's needs.

Longwood University recognizes both the wide variation in the needs of students with disabilities and the fact that as students progress through their programs, unanticipated needs may arise.

Contact your academic advisor, the program coordinator, the College of Graduate & Professional Studies or Disability Resources as soon as possible if problems do arise.