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Collaborative Research

Collaborative research is an option in the Education major, Special Education General Curriculum Fifth Year program.

Students should check the programs of study as outlined in the catalog to determine if this is the appropriate choice. The collaborative research proposal will summarize the proposed study and give research methodology or critical framework for the study. The student in consultation with a faculty member either conducting similar research or willing to support the student's research formulates the collaborative research proposal. It is then submitted to the student's research committee. The student's research committee will be composed of three graduate faculty members; adjunct faculty will not serve on this committee. The Longwood University Human and Animal Subjects Research Review committee must approve the proposal prior to commencement of the research.

Students must have already filed the Application for Graduate Degree to be eligible to enroll in SPED 601 - Collaborative Special Education Research. Students will enroll in a minimum of one (1) credit hour of research per semester until completion. Each program sets the required total hours of research for completion of the degree, but there is no limit to the number of credits a student may earn in this course while pursuing completion of the degree. All research courses are to be graded on a pass (P) / satisfactory progress (SP) / not pass (NP) option and will not be used in calculating the grade point average (GPA). A grade of incomplete (I) may not be assigned. Students must remain continuously enrolled in at least one credit hour until completion.


General Requirements

Students should consult their advisors for specific departmental requirements and timelines for collaborative research. The original copy of the ready-for-publication article shall follow the guidelines of a reputable content-area journal. The collaborative research project must be completed and in the hands of the examining committee no later than four weeks before the end of the semester in which the research will be completed. Presentation of the project to the student's committee must occur prior to the end of the semester. The final requirement for the collaborative research project is the submission of the revised article to the collaborative research chair who will then send written notification of completion to the Registrar and the College of Graduate and Professional Studies.



Procedures for Culmination of the Process

  • The graduate student in conjunction with the Project Director will schedule a date for the research defense.
  • The graduate student will submit an Oral Examination forma minimum of 30 days prior to the scheduled defense to the College of Graduate and Professional Studies.
  • The research defense will take place.
  • The research director will submit written notification to the Registrar and to the College of Graduate and Professional Studies of the successful defense including the project title.
  • The research director awards the final grade.
  • The graduate student submits the abstract to the College of Graduate & Professional Studies.